16 Cats Finding Happiness In Other Animals!

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Who said cats are jerks? Check how well they get along with other animals...

1. This one might be keeping its own interests ahead rather than the friendship.

2. "You are my brush now"

3. "Move faster"

4. Pet me. Love me. PET ME. LOVE ME!

5. "You know I'm an owl, right?"

6. "Quick! Give me a kiss;)"

7. Backstage at Tom & Jerry

8. Oh God. What did I do...

9. #LoveWins

10. Sharing is caring.

11. Follow the white "rabbit".

12. "Give me a piece!" "It's already gone..."

13. It should be great to have snacks on your friend...

14. "I love you! Don't leave me alone!"

15. "We should talk about the boundries."

16. They are both adorable ❤️

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