16 Bizarre Things You Can Only Experience At The Gym!


Hitting the gym might mean different things for different people, but these 17 situations seem to be generally true. Buzzfeed compiled what goes on in our heads when we exercise. Let's see what we go through while going to a gym.

1. You are extra careful about how you look while exercising.


Wow, how much does that must hurt!

2. And you never understand how some people look so attractive while they are exercising.

What is your secret?

3. You always stand at the back during a class.


4. Because coordination isn't your strong suit, while there are many other people in the class who look like they know what they are doing.


5. And sometimes you leave the class after the reflection "WTF am I doing here?"


6. Your biggest problem is worrying about how everybody else is watching and judging you.


Am I doing this right?

Am I too sweaty?

7. But most probably you watch others more than they watch you in your daily life.


8. And this sometimes puts you in very stupid situations.

9. You simply despise the concept of "locker room".

Think about it: many naked people standing too close to each other.

10. But you also get super jealous when you see a group of friends having fun and doing their thing together in the gym.


11. Because you are scared of starting exercising and it takes longer than normal for you to warm up.


12. This makes you no different than those who go to the gym but do nothing and that leaves you with nothing to worry about.


Can't I just do nothing?

13. You feel nervous especially when you are around hot trainers.


How about a cup of coffee?

14. It also drives you crazy with jealousy when you see that they are flirting with one of the customers.


Um, I also need some help (attention) up here?

15. Some of the sport equipment confuses you so much that you are too scared to try it.


16. Therefore, there is nothing better than exercising in an empty gym for you.

No people, no problems!

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