16 Awesome Restaurants Proving They Are Already Living In The Future!


You will think "Why doesn't every restaurant have these things?!" Here are some restaurants that are already living in the future!

1. This restaurant finds a way to let customers alert staff about the bathroom

2. This hourglass lets you know when your food should arrive

3. This restaurant allows you to add fresh basil to your food

4. This restaurant's menu tells you which dishes are "Instagrammable"

5. The cups are made from recycled coffee at this coffee shop

6. This coffee shop both lets you borrow an umbrella and gives you a free coffee when you return it

7. This menu shows you what their pizzas actually look like

8. This restaurant have cubbies in their tables so guests can keep their phones safe

9. In a restaurant in Bulgaria has a buzzer linked to the waiter's smart watch

10. This restaurant gives children hexagonal crayons so won't roll off the table

11. This eco-friendly coffee shop has fettuccine instead of plastic stirrers

12. This restaurant gives you small cards for disposing your gum

13. French fries at this restaurant are served in paper cones that fit perfectly in the holes in the tables

14. In order to reduce waste, this coffee shop has mugs which you can borrow and return

15. This ramen restaurant has spoons with a notch that keeps them from sliding down

16. In this restaurant's bathroom, you will never get stuck empty-handed

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