15 Ways To Cope With "Monday Morning Syndrome"

> 15 Ways To Cope With "Monday Morning Syndrome"

Urban Dictionary’s top definition of Monday Syndrome is: “Monday morning syndrome, also referred to as MMS, is a severe medical condition in which one has bad events occurring one after another. It is suspected that the root cause of MMS is the first day of the week (Monday).” Almost every person around the world deals with MMS.' But, there might be a way out. Start by trying these 15 little steps and see how it goes.

1. Lou Reed’s "Perfect Day" will be your perfect motivator. I mean come on, who doesn’t love Trainspotting?

2. Be done with your syndrome on Sunday.

Instead of spending your Monday suffering, be done with the syndrome on Sunday evening. You might ruin your Sunday evening, but you’ll save Monday.

3. If you can pick your day off, pick Monday.

Ahhh total bliss. If your workplace allows you to pick a day off, you should definitely pick Monday, and start the week on Tuesday.

4. Spoil yourself

Make sure you spoil yourself on Mondays. Eat your favorite meal or your favorite desert. Treat yourself.

5. Live like it’s not Monday

We don’t know how possible it is, but try to think and live through Monday like it’s Tuesday or something. Stop talking about MMS, for starters.

6. Maybe NLP?

You might want to consider re-programming your brain for Monday Syndrome. There are tons of books about this. Maybe give it a shot.

7. Make a strong start to your day

Drink coffee, orange juice, herbal tea, or something else to get you going.

8. Do your favorite activities first when you get to the office

Drink coffee, chat with your friends, check the internet, and such.

9. Make an early start to your Sunday

In order to prevent sleep deficiency on Sunday nights, make an

early start to your day. Make the best of your Sunday and try and be productive, so that you'll be tired

and sleepy earlier in the evening and be able to start your week all fresh.

10. Get rich...Or die trying?

It's not likely that you'll get rich all a sudden, but if you do, you can just piss it all away on Mondays!

11. Be glad you have a job!

Millions of people around the world are dying to find a job. Stop all your whining...

12. Home-office?

If you can, work from home on Mondays. It'll GREATLY ease up the process...One might also work from home during Fridays...

13. Love your job or do something you love!

If you love your job, you'll be looking forward to it each and every single Monday!

14. Maybe someone to see at the office?

Office affairs are dangerous, but also really helpful in cases like these. Think about it...You'll see your crush when you get to the office. Yay!

15. Last chance: QUIT!

If you're really having trouble working this all out, just quit! Find something else. We're sure you will!