15 Very Solid Reasons To Dislike Humans


We don't know if it's a choice or it's a condition but being unfriendly or not being into people is a concept that exists. But one thing is certain, mankind is not the nicest of creatures. Especially if you have seen documentaries like Samsara or Baraka...The type of people we are talking about would turn down the offer of great friendships just because they are practically allergic to people! Let's find out about their rightful reasons. 

"Would you like some manners with that human, Sir?"
"I'm all good, thanks..."

1. We are all greedy. We always want more!

2. No mercy, none at all. Just the ones they love and that's it.

3. Two-faced, lying, insincere beings...

4. No respect for privacy, no boundaries, no nothing!

5. We always use others for our own good...

6. Selfishness and how people hurt other with that.

7. They are arrogant, rude and they are never thoughtful...

8. They are sneaky, they will always make evil plans behind your back!

9. They never blink their eyes if they have to hurt people to get what they want!

10. They are jealous, they never appreciate, they never acknowledge...

11. They are wild, they kill each other!

12. They want to rule everyone, everything!

13. They are mean, they keep poisoning the people around them.

14. When things don't go their way, they immediately change their attitude.

15. They think they're the queen of the world!

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