15 Things We Realize After Losing Our Mothers :(


A mother's death is a huge loss at any age. It’s a thing that only those whose mother passed away can understand. You start to live a completely different life once you lose her. The whole world changes. You become happy again and continue living your life, but the emptiness in your heart never goes away.

1. It’s the deepest loss that you can’t compare with anything else.

It’s the toughest part of growing up.

2. You feel incomplete, even in your happiest days. The only person who you can share everything with is not there anymore.

All special days like weddings and birthdays are incomplete without a mom.

3. Even though you don't want to, you learn to handle every difficult situation.

The ones who still have their mothers never understand that you’re acting mature because you “have to.”

4. There’s nothing that can replace her love in this world.

No matter how much you are loved, there’s nothing compared to the safety that her love, smell and presence brings.

5. Her arms are like a shelter on a rainy day, but being without a mom teaches you to become your own shelter.

She’s the one and only person you can rely on. Once she’s not there anymore, you have to stand up by yourself.

6. There’s no one worried about your health or happiness anymore. You are the one who has to think about those now.

No one recognizes when you walk around without socks. No one is as interested in your happiness as she is.

7. No one else loves you unconditionally, no matter how much weight you gain, which school you’re in, or how you look.

People will still love you, but up to a certain point. You’re not irreplaceable for anyone, at the end. You don’t have the only person who you’re irreplaceable to anymore.

8. There’s no one that can make you feel safe when you're stressed.

You can call your friends and it may make you feel better, but once you hang up, everything remains the same. But a mom can make you feel stronger and bigger. You feel tiny without a mom, even though you don’t show it.

9. She was the best friend you could ever have.

She’s the only one you can talk to for hours and the only one who can listen to every detail of your life with an endless curiosity and interest. She never gets bored because everything about to you is important for her.

10. You don’t have your guardian angel anymore. You have to be stronger than everyone.

Being without a mother is like a city without a harbor. You’re like a ship struggling in an infinite ocean. It makes you stronger but you don’t even feel content from this strength.

11. If she was in your life enough to know her smell, you’ll never forget it after she passes away.

That smell comes from unexpected places, even when a stranger passes by. It’s the most difficult thing to get out of your mind.

12. You miss her cooking.

No one is a better cook than her. You always feel like she’s around when you eat the food that she used to cook. Sometimes you even feel bad eating it.

13. It’s the biggest difficulty that a kid can ever face.

No matter how hard your childhood is, there will always be a solution if you have your mom by your side. If you don’t have your mom, your childhood will always be incomplete, even though you have everything. A mom is the most precious thing a child can have.

14. It’s the most difficult way to face the reality of death. You understand the fact that everything has an end once she leaves you.

You understand that it's possible to lose everything you have after losing someone so precious.

15. Finally, being motherless is to embrace the ones without a mom.

Moms leave a part of them when they leave. You become a better person with a part from her. They continue making you a better person, even when they’re gone.

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