15 Things People Who Would Pick Their Cats Over Anybody Else Know


There are those crazy people who bring it to the point of "It is me or the cat" with their partners and they force their significant others to make a choice. Those people are often dumped instantly, and more than righteously, because of the things that cat owners know. Let's see together what those are.

1. One cat is better than 5 GFs/BFs.

2. A cat's nobility and a human's ungratefulness are indisputable.

3. Someone who asks you to give up on your cat today might ask you to give up on yourself tomorrow.

4. Worst case scenario, a cat will scratch you; but a human can go unimaginably above and beyond: they hurt you, they cheat on you, they abandon you. Cats don't do any of that.

5. Cats repay you more than generously for everything you do for them. With a romantic partner, this is only a tiny possibility.

6. A cat is an awesome life partner. A romantic partner is just a romantic partner.

7. At the end, significant others just leave, but your cat waits for you at home.

8. Breaking your significant other's heart is a 7-year curse, but breaking a cat's heart is a 70-year one.

9. Someone who is incapable of feeling compassion for such a tiny and cute creature can never love a human being.

10. A cat would never say "Your sweetheart or me." Cats know their place. Actually, they just don't give a f*ck.

11. Cats are perfect listeners.

12. Cats always make you smile; a BF/GF, however does so only when they are in a good mood.

13. You never have to beg a cat for a massage.

14. A cat wakes you up every morning with love.

15. And lastly, for a cat owners, their cats are just like their heart beating on the left side of their chest. A person who asks them to abandon their cats obviously has no idea what real love is.

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