15 Steps To Become A White-Collar Worker


We’re sorry but if you miss any of these steps, you’re not a true white-collar worker..

1. Owning a director’s chair.

It doesn’t matter how much you use it, you have to have one. It should be the first thing you take with you when you go to picnics or to the beach.

2. Not leaving home without a power bank charger.

Because your battery may die all of the sudden and you might receive a super urgent call since you’re doing the most important job in this world. What if your friends can’t reach you for couple of hours? NO WAY.

3. Owning a big and fancy sunglasses case.

Because classiness is everything.

4. Owning colored earphones.

Those earphones are pretty expensive and make you look cool in public transportation. Show that you have a nice job.

5. Going to Greek islands at least once for vacation.

You have to share photos or do check-ins. It’s a must.

6. Regularly checking discount websites.

You shouldn’t miss this step even on the weekends. What if you miss the sale price of an expensive thing you want to buy? You would never forgive yourself.

7. Going to an expensive concert at least once in a year.

You should be able to spend half of your salary (after rent and utility expenses) for a concert that is in 5 months.

8. Starting to make summer vacation plans right after new years.

Because you have many options, but a limited time.

9. Taking 10 photos and 4 videos daily when you're on vacation.

10. Starting to pay the vacation expenses before the vacation.

11. And continuing to pay them after the vacation.

12. Having coffee as your favorite drink and denying that you like any other drink.

You have to know everything about coffee from its history to where its been produced.

13. Becoming a member of a fancy gym close to your home or office.

The important thing is to have that membership card in your wallet, not how often you go. It’s also important to go shopping for it.

14. Attending to the same cooking school with your friends.

This is just a hobby. You don’t cook anything you learn at home because you don’t have time for that.

15. Keeping cool about the extra shifts.

Because that company is like your home and family. And this is more important than money.

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