15 Reasons Why Artsy Fartsy People Are A Challenge!


Artists and people with artistic souls are hard to be with. We all run into these people, but we never know why it's so hard. Care to gain some perspective and explore them, in depth?

1. They're filled with dilemmas...


Sometimes on their own and quiet, but sometimes really loud and colorful. Depressive or hyperactive...Artists never have the same day one after another. Living on the edge describes them perfectly. Furthermore, their personalities suit this situation perfectly!

2. Their perception of time is very different than normal people.


They've been sitting there, observing that vase or flower for hours, but if you ask, it's only been a few minutes. They never have enough time for anything. (Then again, who does?!)

3. Colorful, creative minds...


You can't just expect to see the world like they do. Everything they see probably means nothing to you. But for artistic minds, it could be an infinite source of wisdom and influence. Don't try to be like them or even catch up with them. You'll end up wasting lots of time!

4. When in love, they're the emotional and irrational side!


It's not so hard to understand. Their minds run differently, and they see the world differently. As a result, when they love, they love differently as well. So get ready to have your hands full of love endeavors.

5. They express themselves in the most uncommon way!


Their coding system is probably nothing like yours. So, while they think they're expressing their love during a fight, you might think it's the end of the world. You will have a lot of misunderstandings, but they'll all turn out well.

6. Problems with adaptation...


So what does this mean really? If artistic people find themselves in an environment they don't feel comfortable in, they'll do everything they can to leave that place. This is if you manage to get them there in the first place!

7. My work, my children!


If you want to get along and earn their respect, find the way to treat their work with respect. This will make things much easier.

8. Fear of being lonely, abandoned or forgotten...


You may think this is common for almost all of us. But artistic people go through these fears in the most extreme levels. When in a relationship, their biggest fear is if you'd forget something about them or leave them.

9. Definitely a Hedonist!


Carpe diem! Get a taste of everything, because life is short. They love exploring and they're pretty open minded. When you are traveling, be ready to get the "local experience."

10. Excessive self-criticism or praise.


What was the first entry? Living on the edge...It can be applied here, too. Either they feel responsible for everything that is going wrong or they feel like they saved the world. We get it, you are talented, but don't you think it's cocky sometimes?

11. How they dress is a reflection of their personality.


They like it when all eyes are on them. We mentioned before how they don't care what other people think of them. This is still true. They want your attention, whether you are loving or hating them.

12. Rules are meant to be broken!


This sums up their lifelong philosophy. Think and be outside the box! You can't dictate to artists or expect them to live by certain rules. They live by their own rules!

13. They're attractive not just to you, but everyone else!


The artist's charm and charisma is real. They can easily charm others when they want it. In the end, this confusing cloud created by their charm makes it harder for us figure them out.

14. No worries about getting accepted or understood.


They've been spending their lives being misunderstood or understated so it doesn't matter if society gets them or not.

15. They desperately need love!


Don't be fooled by their odd, cold and quiet personality. If you are patient, you'll see how desperately they want to be loved. (Again, who doesn't?!)

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