15 Reasons To Raise Your Kids With A Dog In The House!


Dogs are our best friends and without a doubt, they'll be the same for the little ones. You might think all the animal hair and mess could be an issue, let alone the dog actually hurting the baby. (Knock on wood!) All of these aside, as long as you keep an eye on both, it's actually very beneficial for each side. Here, we have 15 reasons for you raise your child with a dog.

1. They're literally full of love!

Dogs were born with it. The moment they stepped on earth, they started loving everyone and everything! Your baby might end up loving the dog even more than you!

2. A true loyal friend!

Dogs are the most loyal animals in the world. Growing up with a loyal friend in the house, your baby will know the true meaning of trust!

3. Playful friends!

Dogs establish outstanding bonds, especially with newborns, and protect them as if they were a pup. They will also do their very best to keep your baby entertained!

4. Your baby will know all about responsibility.

Because they felt what responsibility is when you first let them walk the dog! This is a very valuable lesson that shouldn't be underestimated.

5. Your baby will be an easy-going person!

Because they've learned how to get along with a dog and know how easy it is to communicate without using real words!

6. Mercy, empathy, forgiving...

Because who could say no to dog eyes?!

7. Trust and loyalty will be the foundation of their future relationships.

Because the first relationship they experienced was with this extremely loyal and loving thing!

8. Creative people!

Since they'll end up spending extra effort on understanding your dog, their social skills will develop much faster. Not even mentioning their creativity when it's play time!

9. Ideal partners.

Because they've experienced all the crucial factors of a relationship years and years ago!

10. Full of fun!

A childhood spent with the best play-mate in the world will surely make your baby a colorful, funny person!

11. Emotional beings...

Dogs can express their sadness, happiness and anger very clearly. As a result, your baby will absorb all the emotions as they grow up!

12. Extreme empathy skills!

They managed to become besties with your dog and no one else knows the dog better than them!

13. Unconditional love!

Babies know dogs won't give them food, change their diaper, etc. But once they see such unconditional love from dogs, they start learning all about it!

14. Extremely caring and protective!

Do we need to say more? The photo does all the required speaking!

15. Friends for life!

They grew up with their best friend. Letting people go is not something they'll be used to!

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