15 Different Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ Without Actually Saying It


Telling someone that you love them actually is not a hard job at all. (Lies) It's just that sometimes people prefer to show it, not with words but with little things they do. And we all know that actions speak louder than words!

1. Taking the trash out or emptying the dishwasher before s/he asks for it.

2. Waking up with clean pyjamas after a heavy night out that you don't even remember how you got to bed.

3. And even right after that, s/he says ''Breakfast is ready!''

4. Going to the bathroom or leaving the room with an excuse when you need to fart. (Way too polite!)

5. Answering a video message in the same way, even it is quite hard to do so, in a meeting or during a class.

6. Willing to take him/her with you, when you go for an important job interview or exam.

7. Staying still until your feet go numb to not to wake him/her up while s/he is sleeping on your lap.

8. When you get back from the bathroom, you suggest him/her to wait a little while so that the stink you have left disappears.

9. Wrapping your arms from behind when they are in the kitchen, cooking.

10. Reaching out and hugging him/her back in bed after a fight.

11. Not using the kitchen’s sink until s/he gets out of shower to keep the water running hot.

12. Saying, ''I didn’t eat the onions, just to let you know, you may not eat as well.'' when you are eating.

13. Heating their cold hands in your pocket.

14. Sharing an umbrella during a heavy rain...

15. Giving them a massage before they ask for it when they say they are tired.

Bonus: Laughing so hard with tears after you let out a massive burp while drinking fizzy drinks.

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