15 Daily Habits Of Happy Couples! <3


We don't know if these things make these couples happy, or if they are doing these purely out of happiness, but we find all the stuff below common among couples who are in a happy and healthy relationship. And who's to say no? May they live happily ever after.

1. Sleeping together, at the same time...

Did you ever wonder why your parents do/did this quite often? Laying in bed, talking about the problems they face, how they are going to raise you, or all the other things that have been happening at work... It might look stupid and unnecessary to you, but this actually keeps a relationship fresh and matures it. Physical contact is much more important than you think. Especially when you are about to go to bed. It will ensure your good night's sleep.

2. They know they don't have to do everything together.

They're never one of "those" couples. They respect each other's private affairs, lives and hobbies. They know both of them need their time alone and have their different interests. Or maybe they even spend time with their friends and have a girls or guys night out. Going to the cinema on their own is NEVER an issue. Love is not all about being together 24/7. Sometimes, it's also about missing one other.

3. Private zones, private lives...

As a follow up to the entry above, but much more important than that; what they mostly have in common is how they respect each other's private lives. We are not identical, and each of us is unique. It's very important to go our own ways for brief periods of time.

4. Talking is the key...

Every relationship has its ups and downs. It's very important to solve these issues by TALKING like two civilized people. These guys avoid sneaky scenarios and awkward suspicions. If they think the other is up to something, they immediately bring it up. They don't hold it in.

5. Misery loves company!

Happy couples never try to fix a big problem on their own. They share, they talk and they face it together, if necessary. They know how much easier sharing makes things.

6. Listen, and listen carefully...

Pay attention to what your other half is saying. There's no such thing as "I say the last word!" You can't make decisions for the two of you on your own. Happy couples know how and when to listen!

7. Differences are an added-value!

They never try to change each other. We're all born different and we all have different tastes and perspectives. For happy couples, these differences are chances to explore each other deeper. They try and add many different colors into their relationship.

8. Think separate, but act together!

When two people get together, of course there will be different opinions and ideas. What really matters is to find the middle ground after all the discussions. These guys know how to argue properly, too. They listen carefully and let each other talk.

9. They never focus on each other's mistakes...

They constantly motivate each other, and don't focus on the negative. This does not mean they completely ignore their mistakes. They just don't use them as a weapon, but instead, conceal them in public and solve them together in private.

10. All the nicknames, L words and more.

If you love someone, say it! Say it out loud! People love hearing these things. And these couples have no problem with any of these.

11. Common ground is very important!

They always make time for shared interests and activities, because all this time spent together is much more precious and bonds them even stronger.

12. Jealousy is not about making each other feel miserable!

Like all couples, happy couples go through jealousy as well. But for them, this never is a major issue. They find the most adorable and funny ways to express their jealousy, and then have a laugh about it!

13. Holding hands!

Some think this is tacky and cliche, but in fact, it's really simple and effective. Don't worry about what others might think or what you might look like on the outside. These couples know this firsthand!

14. No matter what, they never stop greeting each other...

Basic human contact is important. Everyday, we see how a simple smile or "Hello!" changes a person's day. Even if they're on a break or fighting, they don't forget to greet each other.

15. Forgiving...

We all make mistakes...Nobody's perfect, and they know this better than most couples. Instead of feeling more and more sorry about their mistakes, they try and focus on mending their wounds.

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