14 Things Proving You're Still Mama's Little Boy!


All of us know that once you become a mother, you are a mother for the rest of your life.  Here’s how your mom feels, regardless of her age.  She never gives up, does she?

1. Buying clothes you “might” like, or are lacking. (Lacking to meet her standards, of course…)

2. Constantly asking you if you’re hungry, making sure you’re eating enough.

3. Telling you it’s too cold out, and you should layer up – Even if it’s summer.

4. Reminding you: “Early to bed, early to rise.” She doesn’t believe in late mornings.

5. You MUST greet every guest, even if you are working or studying. She’ll never understand that you can’t pause an online game!

6. Again, all relative visits MUST be done as a family and therefore you must attend. Such determination…

7. Even if you’re out until the middle of the night, she waits up for you. She can’t sleep peacefully unless she knows you’re safe.

8. She makes sure your dad will never find out about some of the stupid things you’ve done. (Thanks mom!)

9. Giving you extra pocket money. $$$

10. She insists that you still hang out with your cousin like you did 15 years ago. Gee mom….

11. Even if you are earning a Ph.D., she warns you about listening to your professors carefully.

12. Cooking your favorite meals. YUM!

13. Waking up in the middle of the night to make sure you are covered with the blanket.

14. Last, but not least, you are compelled to deliver those fresh cookies she made for the neighbors – the cookies you munch on the way, of course!

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