14 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Boy Bestie!


Spending time with girls, going shopping, watching movies and etc. is very fun. Especially getting together to gossip, listen to each others' problems, giving advice is great. However, there are some things you can only hear from your closest male friend. Your girlfriends can ignore or soften some things not to upset you, or break your heart. However, you won't have this problem with your male friends. Your best male friend should be the only one you go to hear the truth, and only the truth.

1. They'll read your crush better than everyone else! His intentions, his behavior and all.

2. Therefore, you'll get the best and most accurate answers to your questions about men.

3. Your female friends will be up for getting wasted and you can do all the crazy things with them. Your male friends will be the ones warning you if you are overdoing it.

4. He won't hesitate when you make mistakes in your relationships.

5. When you are head over heals and daydreaming too much, they will bring you back to reality.

6. You can get the most accurate and objective information about sexuality from him, you won't have any questions left unanswered afterwards.

7. He will tell you how bad you look when you really look bad. He won't sugarcoat things!

8. When you say "I've put on so much weight.", he confirms it if that is the case and be blunt about it.

9. Because girls will tell you what you WANT to hear because they probably feel the same but guys will tell you what the situation really is.

10. He'll always be your perfect guide. He sees things for what they are and always puts his interests aside.

11. He won't hesitate telling you how shitty your outfit is. (When it really is...)

12. If you don't have a brother, he'll be like the brother you always wanted to have!

13. He won't compliment you just to make you feel pretty and they will always stop you if you act like you're the queen of the world!

14. He'll be the one to go to when you can't discuss some certain things with other girls!

They won't give you false hopes and their words won't make you happy sometimes. But you know how much you mean to them...

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