14 Most Absurd Things People Googled This Month!


We reviewed "The Craziest Questions People Ask Google" list published by Digitaloft. We picked some weird questions but we aren't sure if Google was able to give an answer to all of these. So, instead we tried to answer them for you.

1. Am I pregnant? (90,500 monthly searches)

Answer: You don't know. We don't know. Naturally, Google doesn't know. Maybe you should try to get tested.

2. Are aliens real? (49,500 monthly searches)


Answer: For the last 80 years, we've tried sending broadcasts to space and we are constantly researching, but nothing solid has come up yet. According to research, the universe has seen around 210 intelligent communicating civilizations in galactic history. So you never know.

3. How do I go home? (49,500 monthly searches)


Answer: Bro, if you can give me the address, I'll try to help. Or you can try the other google, the google "maps."

4. When am I going to die? (49,500 monthly searches)


Answer: As knowledgeable as technology is, it can't process this kind of information. Death is a hell of a surprise cosmic event.

5. Does farting burn calories? (49,500 monthly searches)


Answer: The internet has been saying that farting burns calories lately. Sadly, this is not true. Maybe you should take a walk instead.

6. Why do males have nipples? (22,200 monthly searches)

Answer: Nipples exist in all mammals but we can give another explanation for humans. For the first weeks of the embryo, the Y gene which carries the male characteristics is not active yet. By the time the Y gene is activated, the embryo already has nipples. It doesn't do much later on in the embryo's life. But life is life pal.

7. Do penguins have knees? (18,100 monthly searches)


Answer: Aweee. Yes they do. They might look like they can't bend their knees when they walk but they actually do have knees. We just can't see it from their fluff. The reason they walk funny is their instinct to spend less energy for walking on slippery ground.

8. Is the world flat? (5,400 monthly searches)


Answer: NOPE.

9. Am I a psychopath? (5,400 monthly searches)


Answer: The world's a crazy place. Go easy on yourself. But, you always have the option to go see a doctor.

10. Do men get periods? (3,600 monthly searches)


Answer: No.

11. Do worms have eyes? (2,900 monthly searches)


Answer: None of the worm species have eyes. Instead, they have light receptors, meaning they can sense the light but can't see it.

12. Can men get pregnant? (2,200 monthly searches)


Answer: Not impossible. Real hermaphrodites can get pregnant. Other than that, there is a transsexual person who successfully got pregnant.

13. What would happen if I drank blood? (880 monthly searches)


Answer: If the blood doesn't contain pathogens, you can have a couple of spoonfuls. If you drink too much, it may be a problem. You can get poisoned by the high amounts of iron, since the body can't digest that much.

14. Why does my boss hate me? :( (170 monthly searches)


Answer: Because your boss is a d*ck! 

Just kidding. There may be many different reasons, but Google doesn't know it. The important thing is to communicate and don't forget to self-criticize. The answer will surface naturally.

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