14 Daily 'Slip Of Mind' Instances We All Experience


If you know the expression 'slip of tongue,' you probably have a really good idea about what I mean by saying 'slip of mind' 😔.

There are some situations where we feel confused or we are simply wrong in assuming the reality in a false setting. These things are bugs in our brains, quite funny and silly to look back on.

So here we go!

1. When you wake up in the morning and it's a bright day, thinking you are late for work/school.

Imagine this happening on an exam day. The most intense thriller movie couldn't compete with that feeling.

2. When somebody rings your neighbor's doorbell and you wrongly think that it is your doorbell.

Best would be to get a different bell tone.

3. Thinking they are smiling at/greeting you, when a person is actually smiling at/greeting someone else right behind you.

And there you are left hanging in the cold.

4. Thinking someone has farted when actually the couch is making noises as people sitting on it move or change positions. 😅

And you can't convince anybody that you are innocent once you are the suspect. 😞

5. When you see a simple object's shadow at night but you think it is a scary thing/person.

Sometimes we even get scared of our own reflection in the mirror.😔

6. Thinking that there is another stair while going up the stairs and stepping into/onto emptiness (because you have already made it up).

It is so bad that your foot wants to break up with you.

7. When it looks like a goal as the ball moves towards the side nets and you cheer/curse (depending on the team you are supporting) and it is NOT a goal.

Same goes with off-side goals. We just react faster than we really figure some things out, sometimes.

8. Responding when somebody calls your name, but for someone else who has the same name as you.


If you have a common name, you are screwed.

9. Thinking it's your phone that is ringing, when it's actually someone else's phone, be it a person in the same room, or a character in the series you are watching.

Can you believe that there are still people who insist on not using another ringtone?

10. Thinking it's an earthquake when the armchair you are sitting in 'kinda' moves.

If you live in a country where earthquakes do take place...

11. Thinking it is a bomb or a gun when it's just fireworks outside.



12. And feeling a false and non-existing sense of vibration from your phone in your pocket.

Can somebody please explain WHY this happens at all?!

13. Thinking the plates the waiter is bringing to another table are actually for you.


And if your food is taking too long, you keep on watching the staff, thinking the next time it will be your food, but then they change their direction and serve another table.😔

14. Thinking someone has a crush on you (when they really really don't) just because they are friendly and nice.



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