14 Awkward Situations Make Everybody Say “Yes, I Do This Too!”


Even if we’re from different countries, we share some weird habits. Here, you can find some of them!

14. All people from different countries with different cultures and of different social status have one thing in common: this drawer.

13. When you don’t know if you’ll want another sandwich

12. “When you’re laying down, do you ever just put your hand up for no reason? No? Just me?”

11. "I’ll check just in case.”

10. “This video tape I found at my grandma’s house still makes me laugh so much.”

9. When you find a cool TV series that has 5 seasons of 20 45-minute episodes

8. When your mom ask your help for carrying the bags

7. When your friends invite you for a walk and you tell them you’re busy

6. Your face when you touch your pocket to check if your phone is still there and you realize that it’s not

5. Don’t say you’ve never done this...

4. When there’s some sad music playing in the car and you imagine yourself as if you’re in a music video

3. Everyone has a chair for clothes...

2. Don't tell you never drink water from a cap:

1. When the water in the shower is too hot

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