13 Things You Must Consider Before Dating A Coworker!


Love is everywhere, it's even right there in your office! Or office desk...(Naughty!)

1. You do your best to hide it from everyone, but you can't.

2. You start acting weird while trying to keep it cool.

3. When your relationship ends, so might your career.

4. If it's a superior-subordinate relationship, it is even more difficult.

5. Your efficiency at work will drastically drop down.

6. You won't suffer from Monday syndrome anymore ^^

There's someone you are dying to see!

7. You spend too much time together.

8. You might be paranoid about office gossips.

9. You will check any opportunity for a quickie.

10. You might have conflict of interest in office, that affects your personal life.

11. You start spending less time with other coworkers.

12. You think about how awkward it would be if you break up.

13. You know you can't hide it forever.

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