13 Things You Go Through When You Have A Crush On Your Teacher


We usually have these feelings when we're a wild teenager, but don't be surprised when, one day, you realize that you have a crush on your professor in college!

1. It's completely platonic, and you know so much better, but the heart wants what the heart wants...

2. When you see them with their partners, a hell breaks loose deep inside you!

3. You'll be the one and only in that class. There won't be anyone else that does all of the assignments and projects as detailed and ambitiously as you!

4. Sooo much, so that you wouldn't want to go to school when you forget to do your homework. How could you look her in the eye now?!

5. When you realize she finally memorized your name...AWWW YEAH!

6. You really get mad, deep down inside, when s/he treats you like a child, instead of an adult!

7. You never share presents on Teacher's Day. They deserve something special, and only you can find that special gift!

8. You'll be his/her shadow during school trips.

9. When they scold you in front of the whole class, you want to jump off the next bridge!

10. You look up their address and hang around in the neighborhood, hoping you'll run into them. Stalker alert!

11. Your love will soon be discovered by your friends, and you'll be exposed to all sorts of jokes in your class, for sure!

12. It gets worse! Some idiot will finally shout out "Sir/Miss, .... is in love with you." and you feel like you want to curl up and die.

13. And years later, you think of these memories with a smile on your face... :)

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