13 Things You Can Easily Relate If You've Got A Handsome Brother!


Not every sister fancies an extremely handsome brother. Even though you are very proud of him, you secretly go through things that eat you alive.

1. First and foremost, "Please set me up with your brother please please!"... -.-

2. Your brother's GFs will probably be more beautiful and attractive than you...

3. You can't have proper conversations with your friends when he's around. GO AWAY!

4. You always look for things your brother has/does in your BFs.

5. Most of the guys around you are stressed out because he raises the bar so high!

6. You're sick of all the stupid comparative jokes!

7. You are devastated when those jokes are sometimes, in fact, true... :(

8. You feel invisible when you two go out together...

9. People invite you to places, just so you could bring your brother...

10. All the friendly behavior from other ladies is always about him...

11. Sometimes, people just want to hear you talking about him...

- So you were talking about your brother, keep going.

- Uhhm, no I wasn't?

- Then start talking about him!

12. You will be quite the "sister-in-law!"


- Hmm, I don't think she's the one for you bro.

- Why not? 

- Because I said so!

13. You've memorized all his passwords and email addresses years ago!

Bonus - All the bets go back to him...


- If you lose, I'll have a taste of your brother.

- WTF?!

- What? Are you scaaaaared?

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