13 Things We Keep Losing And Still Can't Figure Out Why And How!

> 13 Things We Keep Losing And Still Can't Figure Out Why And How!

Our sweet belongings! They get lost for no reason and we never remember where we last left them. You don't realize how much they mean to you once you've lost them and after they're lost, you understand how important they were. We know they never left. They're out there somewhere watching us.

But we're not talking about all our belongings. There are some that get lost more than the others. In this list, we put together 13 of them. The best thing you can do to find them is to ask your mother. She probably knows.


inRead invented by Teads


inRead invented by Teads

1. Lighter

The reason why we lose our lighters is either we forget them somewhere or it could be our friends who want to have a collection of them! Take good care of lighters that never gets lost!

2. A Single Sock

You take both of them out of the drawer, they're right there in front of your eyes. Then you wear one of them and the other mysteriously gets lost!

3. Charger

This one is a bit critical. When your telephone battery is almost dying, our little friend magically disappears.

4. Remote Control

This makes many people think there is an invisible remote thief in our houses. And we usually find them right on the table after a long search.

5. Earphones

They're always somewhere easy to find and when you need to use it, you have to search everywhere. Let's say you found it, then you have to untie the cable!

6. Invoice or Guarantee of Something

You put it somewhere that you think would never get lost and when your machine breaks it just disappears. Ask who? Mothers of course.

7. Hairclip

The biggest feature of a hairclip is that it gets lost.

8. Keys

Not being able to find your keys is something that makes you almost have a heart attack. The last thing you can do after looking everywhere is to shake everything to hear the keys hitting each other.

9. Tweezers

You never remember where you put it and it comes out of the place you last expected to look.

10. Guitar Pick

If you're playing the guitar, then you know how often they get lost. It's probably because of its size. Guitar players have many of them but just can't seem to use just one for a long time.

11. Glasses

If you don't hang it around your neck and don't wear it very often, you'll probably lose it now and then.

12. Eraser

It's almost impossible to use an eraser until the end. When you go shopping you buy cute and colorful erasers but you know that they're going to get lost.

13. Money

Hmm... I don't think there is much to say about this one☹️