13 Things People Who Lost Weight In A Short Amount Of Time Will Know


You see that overweight friend who tried everything for years to lose some weight... And you are not sure if s/he's actually the same person. Totally someone else! You know how they feel inside? We do.

1. You become the true embodiment of "self esteem".

2. You will have to explain "what happened to you" to literally everyone you know.

3. ...and giving diet recipes, work-out tips to people who keep asking your secret.

4. You are amazed to see how many expert dietitian you actually have had around, telling you "rapid weight loss is really bad for your health.".

5. ...and "you might eventually gain more than you lost.".

6. You don't buy new clothes for some time, inside you still have the fear of "what if I gain them back.".


7. You might even have to show people your stomach just to prove you did not undergo any surgery.


8. You spend more time in front of the miror.

9. You can't help giving advices to overweight people..

- Believe it or not, 6 months ago I was 250 pounds!

- Really? 

- I am serious...

10. When you go to a restaurant or bar, you need to convince your friends that you genuinely don't crave for the junk food they eat next to you.

11. You always find yourself talking about how great and healthier you feel after losing weight.

12. And you need to deal with the people who can't just let you enjoy it: "Well, but you know it's also not healthy to be that skinny.".

13. You are happy to get rid of your belly fat, but not that much about losing also some from breasts.

Bonus: You will feel like "If I could do that, I can do anything!".

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