13 Painful Moments We Go Through When Shopping!


There are few things that satisfies one more than shopping does. Even the word “shopping” makes you feel like you are listening to a nice poem. Well...as long as you have enough money and time. Like every item, every store has its own spirit and ambiance. And it says “This is me. Take me as I am” as you just step in it. A store tells you how much it is even before you see the items. Here, we are listing the features of those stores that goes “ I am cocky and I will get all that you have and drain every drop of blood in your veins.”

1. Is it a huge store? Are there like 6 items in it? You are gonna be screwed!

Those items are worth a second hand car, folks. Don’t go in there!

2. Did they put that tiny little T-shirt in a big stylish paper bag? You have officially been screwed!

Oh, you are gonna pay for those bags. With your little precious minimum wage!

3. Does the store have a high ceiling? Well, it symbolizes the high prices.

The ceiling gets higher as the prices get higher. Architecture is whispering this to you.

4. There are big couches and sofa sets to sit on? Run! Run for your life!

Or... Just sit down to catch your breath. They’re so comfortable.

5. Does the store have a 30 feet to 50 feet door? Don’t go in there unless you’re a royal.

Massive doors symbolize massive prices.  Architecture never stops chattering. It is always giving its message.

6. Do the employees look like they are going to crash a wedding right after work? Guess who is paying for the wedding gift?

You might as well be paying for the booze at the wedding. Champagne?

7. Is the decoration too minimalist? Well, you’ll get over it.

The more plain the decoration is, the more digits you’re paying.

8. Are there botanical flowers and trees here and there? Your kid was never gonna make it to college anyways.

Those trees could only mean this: Flowers and trees want water and shopping wants you to spend a lot. Just too much.

9. The logo is just a piece of writing on a plain color background? We’re really sorry.

There is only one thing those logos point at: 3 grand, at least!

10. There are more art and decorative items than there are clothing items? You’re dead.

Those decorations are not for sale, by the way. All you can afford is the 15 thousand dollar bag.

11. Are there nonsense objects that have nothing to do with what is sold in the store? Of course you are gonna be screwed.

They are there just to emphasize the richness of that place. You can still go back while it’s not too late.

12. Leather sofa? You are so gonna be screwed!

If there is a leather sofa, multiply the price by 5. If it is not a genuine leather, may be you can get away with double price. Just maybe.

13. Is there at least 5’ between the hangers? 4 inches means that you need to multiply the price by 5.

Those clothes do not stand too close to one another, like you people do in the subway. They stand afar. Like the rich do. Stay here, honey. Don’t go into that store.

Bonus: Do the workers look more cool than you and do they gave you this look as you walk into the store?

You can say “Have a good day!” and walk right back out the door.

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