12 Things You’ll Understand If You're Spending Saturday Night At Home! :/

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After a long and tiring week, don't we all look forward to Saturday? But you just don't get your party animal friends who judge you for choosing to stay indoors? Welcome to the club...

1. When you stay home, there is no “peer pressure” to have “fun”. There is no annoying crowd. There are no embarrassing after-party photos either! Score!

2. If you want to spend quality time with friends, you invite them home.

3. Or quality time with family. All family members are busy with work or school during the week, Saturday night is a great time to catch up.

4. You might have been looking forward to watching that movie you wanted. Plus, there's cold beer and popcorn available!

5. If you are unlucky you might be working on Saturday and even working on Sunday as well...

6. Or you simply prefer Friday and avoid terrible Sunday hangovers.

7. Maybe you are broke :(

8. Or midterms/finals are close…

9. Maybe you broke up with your SO and you want to feel depressed and cry at home.

10. Or you feel down and don’t wanna deal with the crowd.

11. You know you can check great articles on Onedio.co, be hypnotized by amazing cat gifs or solve tests to figure out which Pokemon character you are.

12. Last but not least, maybe you want to finish that book that you started last week!

Who's to say no? Ignorant chumps...

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