12 Things People Who Can't Take A Dump Outside Their Own Homes Go Through


It's no secret, we all take a dump. And yes girls don't shit rainbows. But there are some of us who just can't seem to be doing it everywhere. By everywhere, we mean they can only take a dump in their own houses. These people are unique, they have learned to control their body like no one else can, and they mastered very special sitting positions in case they need to do it outside. Let's see what these people go through.

1. First they take a dump before leaving the house in the morning.


This is an indispensable ritual for them. Even if they don't have to do it, they won't be able to leave the house without a morning shot. They will never skip this activity so that they won't be in a difficult situation during the day. Even if they have to wait for hours, they take their chances to be late for work/school and have become experts in straining.

2. They have become experts in shitting inwards.


If they have to take a dump when they are not at home, they definitely keep it up until they explode, which makes them specialized in shitting.

3. They can bare the pain for a long time!


Not taking a dump outside their own house gives them so much pain that their pain threshold is quite high.

4. They sometimes block the toilet.


At the end of the day, the shit they've been holding all day is so big and so pressurized that blocking the toilet is as easy as pie.

5. They take a cab home many times during their lunch breaks.


If it comes to a point when they can't hold it in much longer, going home during the lunch break is a normal activity for them. If it doesn't happen during lunch, they ask for permission to go home and come back.

6. If they have to do it outside, they put so much toilet paper on the toilet seat that it almost looks like a mummy


If it was possible, they would completely mummify themselves with toilet paper.

7. No matter how well they put the toilet paper on the toilet, they're still really careful about not touching it.


Though it is difficult, they squat down and pray they don't touch the toilet at all!

8. For some, sitting like this is an ordinary activity.


No matter how well they cover the toilet seat and how careful they are about not touching it, some prefer to roost on the seat like chickens. They feel like a secret hand will come out of the toilet and grab them but the farther they are from the toilet seat, the better.

9. If these people took a dump outside, even if they take all the precautions, they never ever feel clean.


The only thing they want at that moment is to go home and cry while taking a shower.

10. If they witness a girl, who they think just shits rainbows, doing their business outside the home, they feel great disappointment.


11. They are used to leaving places early.


They have had to leave so many parties early in tears and go home. As their friends stay and have fun, they sit in their bathrooms and become sad over not having stayed more but feel a sense of happiness as well.

12. They just don't understand how their friends could take a dump at work or at school.


It is an astonishing act for them, and they envy their friends. From time to time, they wish to be like them.

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