12 Secret Messages Hidden In Famous Logos You Probably Didn’t Know


Logo design is significant for first-class brands. The designers put a lot of effort in the making of these trademark signs so that the image of the brand becomes unique and memorable. That is the reason why you need to check out the following hidden messages hidden in the famous logos. 


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1. Toyota

This logo carries all of the letters in the word Toyota.

2. Toblerone

There are two different hidden messages inside the Toblerone logo. One is the hidden bear silhouette inside the mountain. Second is the name of the city Bern, where Toblerone's are produced.

3. Tour de France

This one is self-explanatory :)

4. FedEx

The logo of the shipping company hides a small arrow between letters E and x, which represents momentum and efficiency of the company.

5. Beats

Letter b in the red circle actually represents a person wearing Beats headphones.

6. Quicksilver

The logo of Quicksilver is actually abstracted version of the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa.

7. Pinterest

The logo of Pinterest is actually a pin.

8. Amazon.com

If you carefully look at the amazon.com logo, you'll notice that arrow connects A to Z which represents the variety of products. This is not the only thing though, have you noticed the smile?

9. Baskin Robbins

The logo of the ice cream makers hides the number 31. You know why? Baskin Robbins is famous for their 31 trademark flavours!

10. Hyundai

This one is pretty interesting. The logo of the Hyundai represents the deal between the car dealer and the customer.

11. Levi's

The curves represents the bottom of a jean.

12. London Symphony Orchestra

The letters represent the conductor of the orchestra.

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