12 Reasons Behind That Ever Scary Dental Phobia!


Nobody likes the idea of going to the dentist. We all feel at least a bit anxious on the way to the dental clinic, even for the smallest treatment. But...Why? Why god why?!

1. Dental chair...

2. Dental instruments looking as if they are torture tools!

3. Dental office smell!

4. Not paying enough attention to our dental care.

We are aware that the problems of years will not just go away in the second you are inside the dentist's office.

5. Dentists perform in a very small area, right inside your mouth.

It's annoying to keep your mouth open & have someone working in there for hours.

6. Not seeing what's going on in there!

This obscurity makes us crazy.

7. Childhood traumas...

One of the most principal reasons!

8. Dental treatement comprise painful operations in general.

9. "Root Canal Treatment" Phenomenon!

It is a hell of a reason on its own. Everyone has heard at least one scary root canal treatment story.

10. Vibration of the drill.

Although you don't feel any pain, it's terrifying!

11. And also that burning tooth smell.

You try not to think what might be happening in there!

12. Screams of previous patients...

Makes you want to just get in and save them. It's unbearable.

To keep away from all these, you'd better pay extra attention to your dental care.

We also don't know what dental care has to do with apples. Still, it's kind of international symbol for it.

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