12 Golden Tips For Online Dating!

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We live in the tech age and do everything online, who's to say no to Tinder dates? It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s efficient. It's risky because you know, people are not always who they appear to be on the Internet but hey ho, most relationships today start from Tinder! 

And when you find the one, how to impress her/him online? We have the best tips!

1. Be cool!

This is the first rule for any given relationship. You should stay on that perfect line between cool and asshole. If you get closer to the asshole side, you’ll lose the game. If you impress her/him, she/he is more likely to fall in love with you.

2. Be confident!

You might not be an Abercrombie model or Victoria Secret’s angel but confidence makes the difference. Your attitude will improve your look more than anything. Be confident! Take Johnny Bravo as an example.

3. Don’t act quickly!

Give some time to be sure about the relationship. Don’t run, but enjoy the walk.

Rather than saying “I love you” on the second day, compliment on her/his pictures, music or movie taste.

4. Flirt ;)

Here is the key for a successful relationship. Flirting is the most important part. Calling each other sweet names from novel or movie characters or cute animals… Whatever works. Small compliments will bring you two closer to each other.

5. Don’t do foolish acts.

Don’t embarrass yourself while trying to be sexy.

6. Typos? No no!

At the beginning, all your communication is based on messaging. Try to look educated!

7. Don’t be a stalker.

Don’t wait for her/him to be online and don’t write immediately when you see her/him online. We know you are suffering but don’t be upset when they are not writing right away. Play it cool!

8. Again, don’t go quick!

Don’t rush for the relation. Everything will work like a clock when it’s the right time.

9. Wait for the right moment!

Make her/him give their phone number without you are directly asking for it. Think about a clever way to manage it.

10. Don’t talk about yourself all the time...

Of course you need to tell about your life but ,it doesn’t need to be a long monologue. It’s boring. Ask more questions than you talk.

11. Show how great you'd do together!

Show her/him that you are great partners in crime like Bonnie&Clyde or Robin&Barney.

12. Ask them out for coffee when you find the time!

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