12 Things All Boring People Have In Common!


He is the only one laughing at his own jokes, shamelessly insisting to get himself invited, doesn't like any proposal or only talks about himself? Well, you are with an extremely boring person then!

1. They always and only talk about themselves.

2. They are generally narrow-minded people.

3. They are the only people laughing at their jokes -.-

4. They never use empathy!

5. They don't have a genuine and clear opinion about anything.

6. They don't break out of their daily routines.

7. They have serious issues with doing something fun.

8. They always complain about their lives.

9. They don't have any good stories to tell.

10. They don't feel passionate about anything.

11. They don't like others' suggestions yet they don't propose anything else

12. They are quite persistent when it comes to imposing or forcing others to get themselves invited, or even showing up when they are not invited at all

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