11 Things That Lose Their Meaning In Our Monotonous Lives


The concept of time deems everything new or old. As time evolves, the new and the old does, too. Everything that is new is exciting and interesting, and some of the old stuff becomes dull because it lost the attraction that was attributed its property of being new. Things get dull, and here are 11 of those:

1. Our favorite song that we sadly start hating after setting it as our alarm tone.


"I should have gone for some other song." 😑

2. Our favorite restaurant, whose menu we know by heart, becoming very unexciting although the food is delicious.


"Well, this is the same as yesterday." 🤔

3. Our passionate dedication for collecting wearing off to the point of pointlessness.


4. The view from home that stops making us feel nice and makes us feel like we are looking at the same painting again and again.


5. The advice that other people proudly supply to us although we never used to listen to it before.


Yeah, right.

6. The awesome and huge Sunday breakfasts we used to look forward to in the past that we really couldn't care less about now.


Oh, all those photos we took and shared on social media ^^

7. The shopping you used to do to clear your head having zero emotional effect on you now.


8. That "Good morning" you automatically say every day at work.


9. The social media sites we used to follow crazily don't seem as cool as they were before, do they?


That might be the reason why your phone's battery lasts longer now. 😎

10. You moved to this neighborhood you were in love with and now it just seems dull.


How awesome it used to be...🙄

11. And the car that doesn't feel quite as good anymore...

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