11 Things Reminding Us Of Our Disappointing Exes!


9 out of 10 relationships never start with an expiration date. As a result, all breakups hurt a lot and leave you scarred. And if your past lover ended up leaving you disappointed, you will find all these 13 items quite similar to them in many ways! Time to start looking at things much more differently!

1. Empty toilet paper roll...


They weren't there when you needed them the most!

2. Wooden log...


Just like this wooden log, your past partner showed no feelings and expressed no thoughts after a certain while.

3. Shampoo bottle filled with water...


You thought making that small addition would turn things around and make it last longer. But it didn't last that much longer...

4. Your broken iPhone cable


Remember how hard you worked to put it back together. But it just didn't work out because of its stubborn nature.

5. Broken clock...


It never tells you the true time. You're always surrounded by lies!

6. Pierced garbage bag...


Even after it's all done and over with, they keep coming back to you, messing things up even further!

7. This watermelon...


Things took a very wrong turn at some point and turned out very different than what you thought.

8. Empty lighter...


You're sometimes stuck with it, but even if you try really hard, it doesn't work out.  Unfortunately, you're still afraid to throw it away.

9. Unwanted hair...


Ruins all your plans and hurts like hell to remove!

10. Equation with multiple variables...


They answered all your questions with "Hmm." "Oh, right ok." "That might be true." "You might have a point." So it's never possible to figure them out.

11. Stubborn pistachio...


It actually holds wonders inside but you can never crack that shell!

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