11 Super Ridiculous Jobs You've Never Heard Of!


Teacher, doctor, lawyer... Forget about these lame occupations. Here are the weirdest, funniest occupations around the world.

1. Shredded Cheese Authority

We don't know what made him achieve this honor, but he is definitely sure of himself and his shredded cheese.

2. Chocolate Beer Specialist

Does he make beer out of chocolate or does he put chocolate in beer? We have no clue. However, it might be an ideal occupation. You're only dealing with chocolate and beer, that's fair enough.

3. Space Lawyer

All your legal space problems are gonna be solved by this guy. That land you inherited on Saturn? Not a problem anymore.

4. Big Door Responsible

We are not exactly sure if the door is a sign for bigger things but we are sure that this guy is proud of what he is doing.

5. Penguinologist

This penguin specialist has a similar job like those who raise baby pandas in China! Who doesn't wanna spend their days with those cute penguins instead of being trapped in an office?

6. Teen Exorcist

We are confused. Does she exorcise the teenage demons or the demons are teenagers? Or, is she both a teenager and an exorcist at the same time? We don't have the answers. One can only hope that she is helping those teenagers who fight with their demons all the time.

7. Bear Biologist and Paperfolder

Bear biologist? OK. We understand that. What we don't understand is that paperfolder title. What are you folding exactly? If you can earn your life just by folding paper, we want that job!

8. Cat Behavior Consultant

We can say that he took his job very serious by looking at his appearance. What is the behavior we are talking about here? Cats do not behave, they do their own thing. Everyone knows that.

9. Bride Kidnapping Expert

Why? How? Again, why? A title we can't even imagine in our dreams.

10. Writer/Wizard/Noel Santa/Rasputin Impersonator

This guy defines the word multitasker. We can't help but wonder though if you have wizardry skills, why do you spend your time being Santa at the mall?

11. Pornography Historian

Finally, this precious gentlemen who holds the honor of being the one and only pornography historian in the world. The hours and hours of porn he had to watch to gain this title...

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