11 Guaranteed Ways To Get All The Attention On You!

> 11 Guaranteed Ways To Get All The Attention On You!

Are you struggling to get attention from other people? Does this make you sad? You don't have to worry about not getting attention anymore. These first class tips will help you be the center of attention within the blink of an eye!

1. Overdo everything. Exaggerate your actions at all costs.

Being extreme is key here. If all of your actions are extreme, you'll have all the attention on you.

2. Overdress to impress. Attention guaranteed solution.

2. Overdress to impress. Attention guaranteed solution.

No one can take their eyes off you when you overdress. Don't mind being stylish. You are not after style, you are after the attention!

3. If you are not getting any attention from your co-workers, don't hesitate to cry.

Don't be ashamed of crying in front of people. After all, this is a proven way of getting all the attention on yourself. Try taking things to the edge by saying 'No, I don't want to talk now.'

4. If you are unsuccessful in getting any attention, try being a pain in the a**.

You might hurt the person in front of you, or even worse, they might hurt you for being this annoying. Think about this, their attention will be only on you during this process.

5. Loud laughs are your signature!

Don't laugh like a normal person. Aim to impress others. Be loud, be proud. Laugh loudly even though there is nothing to laugh about. The most significant thing right here is to be extreme and artificial.

6. Be surprised at everything. "Is he late for work? OMG, I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT!!!!"

Yes, that is the right thing to do. Ideal for all the attention whores out there!

7. From now on, your one and only dance move is the twerk!

Weddings, parties, meetings... Twerk is with you!

8. Pretend like you know everything.

This reckless behavior will surely help you get attention. Lots of attention.

9. Wear weird clothes in public.

9. Wear weird clothes in public.

This is the easiest way to get all the looks on you. Who says that you can only wear costumes on Halloween?

10. Start a fight!!

This one the most entertaining on this list! Anger, blood, tears... All included in a fight. You cannot miss this opportunity, amirite?

11. This works perfectly in every situation: Faint! If you are desperate for attention, just faint!

Can you come up with anything better than this? Your attempted faint will turn you into a superstar! Make sure you fall to the floor elegantly. Good luck getting all the attention on you!