10 Ways To Detect Fake People!

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Fake relationships are our generation’s disease, so we listed the features of people who have a master degree in being fake.

1. Their fake smile.

The fake smile that they put on all the time is a perfect way to understand them, if they haven't botoxed their faces. (If they have, proceed to the next point). No one can put such a controlled smile on their faces under normal conditions. These are unnatural muscular movements.

2. Their ability to get serious after a smile in just a couple of seconds.

These people have a “HAHAHA NO!” expression on their face all the time. You were just laughing 2 seconds ago, when did you get so serious? What kind of mimic control is this?

3. Rapid changes in their reactions.

You weren't even surprised, sad or happy, even though you were telling your own story. Yeah, you have someone giving more value to you than yourself. What a sweetheart.

4. Extreme love demonstrations.

-Good morning Abbey.

- OMGG good morning my lovee you’re soooo cuteee I miss you so muuuuuch how sweet of youuuu!!!

I don’t even get this reaction from my parents, duh!

5. Late reactions.

How is he/she going to get what you just said when he/she doesn’t care about it at all? Let them know that you’re not going to tell a funny story so they won’t laugh if it's sad.

6. Pretending like they're listening.

They always seem like they’re listening, give their reactions, then end up talking about themselves.

You tell her your grandmother died, and she’ll show you her new shoes after telling you that she’s sorry.

7. Secretly hitting your nerves.

“Noo sweety you’re not fat at all. It’s just that I am too skinny. Don’t worry about it. I wish I could gain weight too.” Is their favorite sentence.

8. Two-facedness.

They talk sincere, smile, and joke around, then gossip about you like “Eww, stupid, she’s so annoying.” Then they come back to you and do the same things about others.

9. They hide their anger.

Even though they get mad at you, they just say things to annoy you. As if they’re not actually mad at you and are ignoring your immatureness.

10. Complimenting with a fake smile.

You can try it like this: put a really ugly scarf on and ask what they think. They’ll
probably put their fake smile on and say “beautiful, it looks great on you.” Then say “Oh yeah? Here, take it as a gift.” Now they have a really important thing to do right now.

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