10 People Who Summarize Being An Adult In One Sentence


We know, adulthood is a huge struggle, right? Here are 12 people who define adulthood in one sentence.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/scrubbingbubble...

1. ''Getting excited over having a new vacuum cleaner.''

2. ''Slowly forgetting when was your graduation year.''

3. ''Knowing that you can buy and eat desserts any time you want and no one can prevent it.''

4. ''Being able to clean your bathroom without calling your mom.''

5. ''Politely rejecting party invitations so you can be in bed.''

6. ''Any age younger than your current age seems impossible to get married.''

7. ''Paying bills on time makes you feel proud.''

8. ''Getting excited to show someone your 'new plants'''.

9. ''Wanting to be invited but not wanting to go.''

10. ''Thinking 'My mom was right' all the time.''

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