10 Hilarious Photos Of Man And His Puppy Dressed Like Twins In Matching Outfits

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Topher Brophy and his dog became a sensation on Instagram. They wear matching outfits and chill most of the time. They upped the men's fashion game with their skills, but their story is not only about their appearances.

1. "People kept telling us we looked alike," Brophy told People magazine.

2. "At first, we dressed in matching outfits as a joke..."

3. "It clearly brought smiles to people's faces."

4. The duo then decided to get the help of a photographer and a creative director to shape this project.

The creative director behind the project is Chantal Adair. (@thedogstyler).

5. Rosenberg (the puppy) and Topher dressed up in different styles of matching outfits for the photos and it's hard to tell who is who...

6. However, their relationship is not just about the looks.

Topher was battling with addiction and going through hard times before he adopted this pooch. Rosenberg cured his lack of emotional connection.

7. "By continually putting Rosenberg's needs before my own, I am more self-aware and constantly focused on making other people happy."

8. "Having a son, I now feel a connection to every living being in the world."

9. "Our personalities are actually more alike than the way we look."

10. "Rosenberg and I consider ourselves so lucky to have found each other and we are on a mission to spread love, compassion, kindness, and understanding to as many people as possible."

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