15 Solid Reasons Why Superman Is The Best Superhero Ever!

etiket 15 Solid Reasons Why Superman Is The Best Superhero Ever!

Ken Adams
February 15 2016 - 11:41pm Last Update: May 20 2016 - 09:45am

Spider-man, Batman, Flash Gordon, The Fantastic 4, Thor etc. There are tons of superheroes, for sure. But one reigns the king, always: Superman. But…why? Why Superman is the best? You know damn well that you can’t deny these 15 reasons why!

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1. Ability to fly right from birth!

Not by a radioactive bird bite, an accident, or equipment, but with a natural talent from birth…Flying like a bird forever.

2. Surviving every single environment

Space, Earth, underground, underwater, galaxies far far away, and almost any other place you can imagine. He can still survive.

3. No equipment needed

Web, weapons, bat knives, lasso, cars, hammers…He needs none of these. He just needs to be present to do his superhero thingies.

4. Just one and only one weakness

Kryptonite. Something that does not exist in this world. He has no other known weaknesses.

5. No limits!

His power knows no bounds! He is so powerful that he was able to bend time and reverse his loved one’s death.

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6. A simple, decent outfit

Compared to his power, his outfit is equally humble, yet stylish. He needs no masks, or glittery, sparkling and shining armor. Humble guy this Clark is.

7. Ability to do pretty much everything other heroes do

He does not lack anything, but has much more. There is nothing you would “wish” he could do more.

8. Blended with normal life perfectly

He doesn’t live in mansions, castles or imaginary worlds like others. He’s a simple 9-to-5 guy with added superhero duties on the side. He’s just like one of us; he lives from paycheck to paycheck.

9. Loves once and forever

Wakes up to Lois Lane, goes to sleep with Lois Lane thoughts. Never goes from women to women, like a certain Tony Stark. He is a simple, loyal, monogamous guy.

10. No space or room problems

He doesn’t need to dive into a cave, changing his clothes for hours. A simple phone booth is enough. Strips his outfit and voila! All ready to save the world.

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11. A simple family, like ours

11. A simple family, like ours

Both his family in Krypton and on Earth are humble, down-to-earth people like us. Even middle-class!

12. Not many known enemies

The world has suffered more than enough with the enemies of other superheroes. We have seen so many pissed off evil doctors, machinery and monsters seeking revenge, but not Superman’s enemies. Lex Luthor is his only enemy and Lex only ends up hurting himself.

13. Romantic

Never lost touch with his human side. Likes to love and be loved. This is what makes him more human than a superhero.

14. Human aspect

He is cool enough to hit the bar for a couple of drinks when he’s bored, like us. No complexes, no ego; just a slick guy.

15. No retribution needed

No one murdered his mom, dad, uncle or family member. This is why he holds no grudges and seeks no revenge from anyone. This makes him think more carefully when superheroing!

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