21 Reasons Why Being The Oldest Sibling Is The Hardest!


The oldest ones would relate all the pain and suffering we are about to list right here!

1. Possibly, they grow up having more toys than you.

2. You mess things up together. However, you get all the blame because you're the oldest.

-Pippin, Merry, Frodo, go to your room and play with your toys.

Sam, you stay.

3. You're not allowed to have fun on your own. You're always supposed to have fun with them.

When mom tells me to play with my brother.

4. When your parents leave for the weekend, you're in charge.

-You're responsible from the house and your sisters. Ok?

5. If you're looking for your favorite shirt, it's probably in your sister's wardrobe.

-Have you seen my blue shirt, my fave?

-I'm wearing that.

6. They threaten you with your little secrets.

-So you got a boyfriend?

7. Being the oldest, you try to prove your authority. Well, you don't succeed most of the time.

-Do it as I say, I'm older.


8. When you're staying in the same room, they get to decide when to turn the lights off.

Their existence is enough for you to be annoyed.

9. In order to get revenge, you do some sweet talk.

-I promise, we're just going to talk.

10. You have to take your siblings wherever you go.

-Of course, you can go to that birthday. Don't forget to take your sister with you.

11. You officially become a messenger between your parents and siblings.

-Go on, you tell them. They never listen to me.

12. Asking for something from your siblings while your parents are in the room is not a smart move.

-Why don't you go and get it yourself?

13. Home alone? It's time for the scariest stories.

Well, they are sleeping with you tonight, that's for sure.

14. Right before you fall asleep, your brother manages to ask the most random questions that will keep you up all night.

-Sis, do you think one of us could be adopted?

-Yes, I think you are. Let's go to sleep.

15. If they ever learn a bad word from you, surely they're going to use it in front of your parents.

-Mommy what does a-hole mean?

16. All your relatives insist that your brother looks just like you.

You don't agree.

17. You have to watch out for your behavior because your siblings look up to you.

-What would your brother do, if you behave like this?

18. Leaving the room, even for 5 seconds, is a mistake.

That's why you bring the remote wherever you go.

19. Just by being younger, they got all the attention.

-Of course, we love you too. You know your sister is younger and she needs more attention.

20. Your mom suddenly goes into your room whenever you're in a fight.

-How many times have I told you to leave your brother alone.

-Mom, can't you see? I'm the victim here.

21. But, if someone dares to hurt your siblings, they have to deal with YOU.

You got their back.

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