10 Things You Should Always Keep To Yourself


Some things are better left unsaid. If you share everything about yourself with others, it might confuse them. No one likes a person who is constantly bragging about their life choices. It's not wrong to keep some things inside.

1. Your biggest goals


Do not share your biggest goals with anyone else. While you work very hard to reach your goals, the people around you might cause confusion in your head with their opinions. Everyone's life is different and their opinions change according to their life choices. For this reason, don't let anybody take you away from your path! Follow your goals no matter what they say!

2. The favors you do


Always make sure that you don't talk about the good things you've done for others. For those who can see your kind actions, they don't need further explanations. It can also make them feel humiliated when you talk about your own actions. If you are doing good just to brag about yourself, does that count as good? Be kind, be humble. Doing good should be like that.

3. Your lifestyle


"I'm on a paleo diet," "I run every morning for an hour," "I sleep 4 hours everynight..." Do people need to know every single detail of your life? Ask yourself this next time you start to talk about your unique lifestyle choices. If you have some things right on track, good for you! But don't use your success to make others feel bad. Don't live your life to prove yourself to others, live just for yourself!

4. The times you saved the day


Talking and bragging about the things you were brave about is another behavior to avoid. Every living day is a struggle on its own. Don't think that other people are not struggling just like you. Think about it, would you enjoy a person if they were constantly talking about their heroic behavior? Probably not.

5. Your philosophy towards life


Everyone needs to believe in something to get through the day. However, the things that provide relief are different for everyone. For this reason, your individual preferences and beliefs are yours alone. Don't spend your precious time convincing others to think like you.

6. Problems and conflicts in your family


The more you talk about the problems in your family, the more it becomes difficult. Something are better kept inside. It is easier to talk with the source of problem rather than sharing it with strangers. Be patient and try compromising.

7. Unpleasant facts you know about others


Please don't be that person. Don't talk about the private life of others. Don't gossip about them. Don't spend your time thinking about these unneccesary things. Always remember to mind your own business.

8. Your biggest fears and weaknesses


We all have our fears and weaknesses. Although these things might seem unbearable at times, it is possible to live with them. Sharing these fears will not provide you comfort, since people enjoy seeing other people's weaknesses. The only thing you can do is to be aware of those weaknesses and accept them.

9. Your resentments about the past


Constantly digging up the past is not going to help. Though past experiences can easily affect today, do not let these define the moment you are in. The best thing you can do is to express yourself in the moment. This way you can prevent past regrets and resentments. Forgive others in order to be peaceful. Move on and let go!

10. Things you share with your significant other


It's normal to be open around your significant other, but don't share the details of a previous relationship just to make yourself look better in the moment. The past is in the past. Don't make it a subject between you and your loved one.

11. The talents you own


This one is actually something you can share with others. We wanted to include this one in the list because talents have become something to brag on in public. If you have special talents, don't talk about them constantly. Only talk about them when the right time comes. You know that actions speak louder than words. Apply this principle wherever you can.

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