20 Signs Showing A Man Has No Class At All!

etiket 20 Signs Showing A Man Has No Class At All!

Yvette Darlene
June 23 2016 - 02:08pm

If you are one of those guys, either hold your tongue forever or just leave. We aren't trying to be mean to you - on the contrary - we are just trying to show you your mistakes so that you can try to correct them next time. ☺️☺️

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1. If he brags about his dad's car or his company car,

2. If he checks out other girls when he is with his gf,

3. If he brags about his muscles he pumped up only to impress girls,

4. If he is a big schmoozer at work and looks down on his inferiors,

5. If he hits on every woman he sees on the beach,
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6. If he talks too loudly on the phone and acts like a d*ck to the person he is on the phone with,

7. If he drives a stupid car with 6 other people and turns up the volume to the max,

8. If he first hits on a woman and she turns out to be tough, lies through his teeth "I only trying to help ma'am."

9. If he gets furious too easily and starts unnecessary fights everywhere he goes,

10. If he even treats his mom poorly and doesn't know the word "kindness,"
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11. If he brags about being a man, and thinks he is superior just because he is a man, and looks down on women,

This kind of guy should be picked up and castrated asap, so that their DNA is not passed on.

12. If he can't utter a sentence without a curse word,

13. If he doesn't have his own opinions and is a superficial person saying others' words,

14. If he can't snap out of his prejudices,

15. If he acts like an overly tough guy who thinks he is Tony Soprano,
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16. If he all of a sudden turns into a war hero in front of his computer, doesn't like anything and criticizes everything with masculine language,

17. If he thinks he is attractive with the tragicomic behavior and tries to turn you on,

18. If he gives people stupid and unnecessary nicknames,

19. If he has no self-esteem,

20. If he tells everyone about the things he and his girlfriend do, out of place,

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If you are also one of these men, please get rid of your attitude. If you know men like that, get rid of those around you.
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