27 Psychological Facts That Will Leave You Feeling As Light As A Bird!

etiket 27 Psychological Facts That Will Leave You Feeling As Light As A Bird!

Travis Furman
March 22 2017 - 01:36pm Last Update: May 05 2017 - 10:13am

Our minds are labyrinths. There is no way of truly understanding its power. Each and every one of us behaves in a different way. We show signs that nobody understands or get signs we never think have even existed. Luckily, there are some things we do subconsciously that have some explanation. Let's see what else we have to learn about psychology and our minds.

1. It takes 3-4 years to really know a person. Couples who have known each other this long before getting married are less likely to divorce.

2. Before we sleep, 90% of our minds start to imagine what will happen to us.

3. Our talks with our children, become their inner voice.

4. A friendship that is actively over 7 years will probably last a lifetime.

5. That person, who you can never get out of your mind, is also probably thinking of you.

6. Take notice of the attitude of someone talking about others around you. Because while they talk to others about you, they will do it the same way.

7. According to the Japanese, we have three different faces. Our first one is the one we show the world. The second is the one we only show to our close friends and family. Our third face is the one we don't show to anyone. I guess you understand, which one is the real and the true one.

8. The mood when everything bothers you probably indicates that you miss someone.

9. Those who are awake late at night are more likely to be psychopaths than people who wake up early.

10. If you're wondering if someone wants to talk to you just fold your arms. If they're doing the same, they want it to.

11. According to research, people sleeping with more than one pillow are often lonely and depressed.

12. Listening to 5-10 different songs a day strengthens the memory and immune system and reduces the risk of depression by 80%.

13. The most powerful way to win a debate is to ask relevant questions. So the logic mistakes in our opponents' minds are more easily revealed.

14. Within 6-8 months, our brain will completely forgive someone who hurt us.

15. People who refuse to be attached to others are those who have experienced the most disappointments.

16. The people you receive the best advice about your life from are the people who are usually the most problematic in their own life.

17. Too much thinking allows our mind to produce negative scenarios or to remember painful memories.

18. People who often swear are generally emotionally stronger and smarter.

19. Intelligent people often stay away from conflict. That explains how they to understand many things but stay silent.

20. People who are shy and introverted, in social terms, are more attracted to their friends. They are also more loyal in their relationships.

21. People who are easily frustrated by simple things feel the need to be loved more subconsciously.

22. If someone is saying "you have changed," most likely you have stopped behaving as he / she wants.

23. According to psychology, if two ex-lovers can stay friends after they have broken up, they are either still in love, or never were.

24. Remember: the deceivers will always think of deception. The liars will think that everyone is lying.

25. Women pay more attention to the smell of men than their appearance.

26. Dogs can feel people's unhappiness. They will snuggle them to get rid of it.

27. The best way to understand someone's worth is to dream of a life without him/her.
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