15 Countries Game of Thrones Characters Secretly Represent...


Game of Thrones takes place in Westeros, a world that doesn't exist, duh! However, Westeros is actually quite similar to our world in its core!

1. Tywin Lannister – Israel

Orchestrating every single event in a very sinister manner yet perfectly remaining in the background, Tywin Lannister is definitely the Israel of Westeros.

2. Tyrion Lannister – Japan

Size never matters! Achieving so many remarkable things and staying alive after all the disasters he faced, especially with his height, Tyrion truly represents Japan.

3. Cersei Lannister – Britain

With all her arrogance, coldness and cruel responses, Cersei is Britain. Don’t be conned by her pretty smile, for all we know she can get you hanged in just a few minutes. Another sign of British insincerity.

4. Jon Snow – The whole Africa

Juggling so many issues on his own whilst trying so hard to remain alive and having so few men to do all these with makes Jon Snow too troubled to be a single country. This is why Jon Snow is Africa.

5. Stannis Baratheon – Russia

Tough looks, deep roots but young body. Striving to get to the top and using violence with everything he has in his power having no doubts, Stannis Baratheon is Russia.

6. Joffrey Baratheon – United States

The spoiled one of the series with the attitude: “I’ll do whatevah I want, I am the KING!”, Joffrey is United States. He is run by his right hand behind closed doors but stupid enough not to realize this and has an ego high enough not to admit it either.

7. Khaleesi – China

Well, size matters when it’s Khaleesi’s army we are talking about. The size of her army, her ambition to be the biggest and control Westeros, freeing slaves from their chains but creating new unbounded slaves under her own will makes Khaleesi, China.

8. Varys – France

Thinking he effects everyone and everything but having no effect in truth, Varys is France of Westeros. He sometimes solves critical matters but usually not very important to all others and will remain that way.

9. Baelish – Germany

Wealth, power, fun, undercover businesses and so on…Having a hand over almost every matter in Westeros and an excellent con artist with his master strategies, ambitions to even become the king makes Baelish, Germany.

10. Oberyn Martell – The Netherlands

Sex, drugs, booze…Do we need to say more? Oberyn is The Netherlands for sure!

11. Samwell Tarly – Greece

Getting involved in every problem and matter yet having no voice in all of them with the consistent need of protection makes Tarly, Greece.

12. Hodor – Middle-East

Powerless even to his almighty size, not having things to say and having no problem being controlled by others makes Hodor not a single country but the whole Middle-East.

13. Sansa Stark – Australia

No high hopes, expectations, no big ambitions and surviving with others makes Sansa the Australia of Westeros. She is far, beautiful but we can do without her.

14. Eddard, Ned Stark – Ottoman Empire

Not knowing when or what to talk, trusting people way too much with a short temper, making simple mistakes just as he was ready to gain full power, weak strategies and all of these resulting in a short death…Eddard Stark is the Ottoman Empire…

15. Arya Stark – Turkey

Trying to stay alive with all that is going on around her, having long term plans slooowly working out with a vision of a bright future and all the important losses in her past makes Arya a good resemble of Turkey.

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