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The Best Shows Coming Out in Fall 2022
This year has been a traumatic time for fans of streaming. In April, Netflix announced a major drop in subscriptions, frightening skittish would-be investors throughout the industry. There's been a rash of cancellations ever since, exacerbated by the merger between HBOMax and Discovery+, which led them to announce that they were cutting back on more than 36 titles. Cliffhangers were left unfinished. Beloved characters never reached the conclusion they deserved, all for the sake of maintaining profits. Despite all of that, there's still a large slate of new shows coming in the fall, and though they will never make up for our losses, they may be enough to provide a distraction from our grief.
Why The Controversial Casting Choices in 'Wednesday Addams' Are a Perfect Fit
Netflix's 'Wednesday Addams' is definitely one of the most widely anticipated arrivals of this upcoming season. The franchise has seen many adaptations over the years, including a recent film series, but it seems like nothing could possibly satisfy the public's voracious appetite for more. Be that as it may, not all fans were happy when the show was announced. There has been quite a bit of public outcry on social media about their casting choices. Many believe that the new characters don't match their old counterparts. This is unlikely to sour the public's interest in the new show; quite the contrary, it will probably spawn new hashtags and more engagement online. But the discourse has been heated enough to warrant a conversation about the controversy.
"Wednesday Addams": A Tim Burton Masterpiece to Stream Soon on Netflix
Coming-of-age series is not new these days, as Archie Comics got its darker spinoff Riverdale, and even Winnie the Pooh, the beloved bear from your childhood, is anticipated to star in a horror film.The legendary figure of Wednesday Addams from 'The Addams Family' appears to be the subject of Netflix's upcoming contemporary revival, which will give her fans a fresh perspective.
Essential Details About Netflix's ‘Wednesday’ Season One: Plot, Trailer, Release Date
Netflix has got its November filled with new shows and movies. The streamer recently announced an addition from The Addams Family, Wednesday, a supernatural horror comedy grounded on the character Wednesday Addams. The Addams Family is a 2019 animated family comedy film showcasing the family's mysterious and spooky deeds and a remake of the 1991 live-action version. The film managed a 5.8 out of 10-star rating on IMDb, 45% on Rotten Tomatoes, 46% on Metacritic, and an adaptation into TV series.
‘Wednesday’ Breaks Record as Most Viewed English Language Show on Netflix Surpassing ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4
The comedy horror series Wednesday debuted on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, to rave reviews and the highest viewership hours in a week for an English-language series ever! Stranger Things season 4 previously retained the top position, accumulating 335.5 million hours in its debut week of May 30 to June 5 2022. The mystery drama series has now been dethroned by Wednesday, which sits at 341.2 million hours ensuing its last week's premiere.
Hit or Miss: 2022's Best and Worst Epic Series So Far
Here's to the profound ones, the strange ones--those who make us laugh and those who make us cry. Reinvent the hero's journey. Make us think, and send us reeling. Weave a wicked web we can't resist. Just so long as the writing is good, we'll follow along every step of the way. Don't let us down, and don't expect us to settle for less than the best, because we can tell the difference between a flop and a hit, and we have a long menu of series' to choose from. 2022 was a strange time for streaming. Networks reported early losses, rocking what was once considered a solid market. Now investors are playing it careful, tightening their purse strings, and holding back. Some of our favorite shows have had their budgets cut, and some of what we expected to succeed flopped, either due to a lack of funding, poor planning, or problems behind the scenes. But there are plenty of gems available, and the market is still churning new things out, surprising us and wowing us at every turn.
Top 10 Jenna Ortega Scenes as Wednesday Addams
Jenna Ortega’s fame has skyrocketed since Wednesday premiered on Netflix last November. Since then, she literally became a household name, gaining 10 million new followers on Instagram in 10 days. Undaunted by the big shoes she has to fill since Cristina Ricci’s iconic portrayal of the lovable misanthrope, Jenna Ortega not only delivered the goods but managed to make the character her very own. Now that the world is caught in a Jenna craze, let's revisit ten iconic Jenny Ortega scenes from the series that proves she is indeed a worthy Wednesday Addams successor.
Was 'Wednesday' a Hit or a Miss?
It seemed like a match made in gothic heaven. Tim Burton was going to helm an Addam's Family reboot, told from the perspective of an adolescent Wednesday Addams. Nothing could be more perfect. The director has always been known for his dark imagery.  He knew the look. He had source material going back decades, and there was a massive fanbase. All he had to do was put his own spin on things--do what he does best, and whatever he churned out was bound to be a hit. Within 3 weeks of its November 23 premiere on Netflix, 'Wednesday' was the second most-watched English language series on the streaming platform. Everything it touched turned to gold. It's spawned a viral TikTok dance challenge, which included Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga, and nobody can stop talking about Jenny Ortega, the lead actress. She seemed to have mastered Wednesday's unique brand of humor.
Wednesday's Dance Was Viral in More Ways Than One
If you've heard of the internet, then by now you've heard of Tim Burton's Wednesday, a readaptation of the Addams Family, centered around a teenage Wednesday Addams. The series has been breaking records left and right. It continues to hold the number one spot on Netflix 5 weeks after its debut. It also holds the record for the most hours watched of any English language series in the platform's history, and it's their third most-watched English language series of all time. There are a lot of reasons why the series was so successful. The deadpan humor, their seamless appeal to their target demographic, and a stellar aesthetic are just a few. Wednesday is a beloved character. She embodies the teenage spirit, even as a child, and it's been known for some time now that the audience was hungry for a more grown-up version. We were bound to see a readaptation at some point, but nobody could have foreseen how popular the series would become.