"Wednesday Addams": A Tim Burton Masterpiece to Stream Soon on Netflix

etiket "Wednesday Addams": A Tim Burton Masterpiece to Stream Soon on Netflix

Pauline Nicole Sael
October 28 2022 - 04:57am

Coming-of-age series is not new these days, as Archie Comics got its darker spinoff Riverdale, and even Winnie the Pooh, the beloved bear from your childhood, is anticipated to star in a horror film.

The legendary figure of Wednesday Addams from 'The Addams Family' appears to be the subject of Netflix's upcoming contemporary revival, which will give her fans a fresh perspective.

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Tim Burton will make his directing debut on television with the investigative, supernaturally tinged mystery that follows Wednesday, a student at Nevermore Academy.

Did we catch your attention? Read more below as you know more about the fresh story of Wednesday Addams.

Morbid, Creepy, and Iconic

The recent teaser trailer for the gloomy, gothic title character was made available on Netflix, and it made fans freak out with delight. The trailer featured actress 20-year-old Jenna Ortega.

The frighteningly inventive imagination of Tim Burton, who brought the world such spectacles as Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas, is behind the series titled 'Wednesday.'

The release date is just in time for the season, as it will be available in time for Halloween.

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The Anticipation of the First Peek

The Anticipation of the First Peek

Wednesday enters the scene in the clip, showcasing the character's contemporary appearance, and executes the iconic Addams' snap while holding up the famed hand.

It lasted less than a minute, and was concise to the point. The iconic images of The Addams Family served as an inspiration for this television series. 

It will, however, pay closer attention to Wednesday Addams and her youth. It goes without saying that Wednesday is one of, if not the most beloved character from the series, thus it makes sense for her to take center stage in any contemporary remake.

New Face, No Problem

By embracing this role, actress Jenna Ortega is bearing the heavy burden of taking up such an iconic character.

She has appeared in the several horror movies such as:

  • Scream movie, for which she won an MTV Movie & TV Award

  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen,

  • and the movie X.

Starring in these horror films solidifying her status as the scream queen of the 2020s.

She also demonstrated her theatrical prowess in HBO's 'The Fallout,' in which she portrayed a distraught kid who had been the victim of a school massacre.

The Challenge in Remaking the Iconic

It's common to jump on the bandwagon of old content being transformed into new adaptations for a new generation. The challenge is that audiences seldom respond well to any of these modern adaptations.

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It's fortunate that Wednesday already has a pessimistic viewpoint on the world. The fact is that a revival only needs to display some complexity; it does not need to be more dramatic for a more contemporary audience.

Family-Friendly Branding Remains

Since Burton's masterpieces were initially written with children or families in consideration, need not to deal with such adult subject matter. Deeper themes can be included though, since this is the original theme of the Addams family.

People are always at ease in their familiar surroundings, making change seem hurtful. It's simple to become accustomed to what is classic to the storyline of the Addams Family.

Everyone cries out for things to be as true to the original as possible when it comes to nostalgia fiction out of concern that if anything is too different, it won't treat the original with the respect it deserves.

The Shoes Ortega Has to Fill In

The Shoes Ortega Has to Fill In

Many people will shake their heads in dissatisfaction if Ortega's performance doesn't do enough to honor Christina Ricci's previous performance.

Side note: Ricci is also scheduled to appear in the series in an unspecified capacity.

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Iconic Wednesday Fashion

Because Ortega's rendition of the character has bangs, the media has already criticized the character's new appearance. Even though it is silly to get upset about a hairdo, individuals want familiarity.

But the bangs are a perfect example of what to expect from Ortega's portrayal of the role. With the gloomy facial expressions, the gothic clothes, and the two braids, it's still Wednesday Addams.

However, she has changed to match the more contemporary time this series is being released. There will probably be fresh components that shine through the character and expand on the fundamental design. And any fresh adjustments ought to aim to achieve that.

The Addams Family may be one of the morbid families you’ll encounter but they are undoubtedly adorably creepy and fun to watch.

As this spinoff brings a fresher perspective about Morticia and Gomez’s first-born Wednesday, the wait is definitely worth it, as it is also just in time and perfect for the Halloween season.

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