Who Is Your Super Hero Lover?


Answer the questions below to see who would be the best super-hero lover for you.

First of all, what is your sexual preference?

It depends on the day!

Which one of these women's life story sounds the most appealing to you?

Emma Goldman
Coco Chanel
Frida Kahlo
Audrey Hepburn
Virginia Woolf
Angelina Jolie

And of these men?

Nikola Tesla
Che Guevara
Quentin Tarantino
Marlon Brando
Mahatma Gandhi
Leonardo Da Vinci

Now pick a baby!

Which scent calms you down?

Smell of Soil
Smell of Books
Smell of the Ocean
Smell of Flowers

Finally, which is of these is your holiday location of choice?

By the seaside
In nature
On the couch



You like strong men. And the first thing you look at in men is their eyes. You do care about the way they look but the character is what really gets to you. First, you have to be impressed by the character of a man. You also care that the man you are with is confident about everything in his life.



You like the gentleman type. Your type is the one that is always serious and level-headed. You are not easily impressed, as any cheap or silly moves end it for you. You also enjoy mysterious men, someone who doesn't talk a lot but can deal with anything and everything he needs to.



You LOVE strong and masculine men. However, what really gets to you is intelligence. The moment you see a smart man, you can already feel the butterflies in your stomach. Smart men are practical, they can solve any problems they face. They are good at empathy, so they don't just impress you for a second before they fail you but they actually open the doors for a long and healthy relationship. Which is what you really want, as the one-night stands are not really your thing.



You love men who have a little bit of everything in them. A Renaissance man, we could say. You don't just look for strength or intelligence or romance. You need the whole package to be happy. And when you find a person like that, you really do fall in love. You also love helping your man through difficult patches and helping them heal their old wounds. So you also go for the type that is angry at life. But you know that they will go to any lengths for you once you trust each other.

Invisible Woman!


You definitely love the smart and mature kind! You want someone who has experienced a lot in life and can deal with whatever life throws at them. Someone who is fearless, brave, and doesn't give up... However, you also want your woman to care for the ones who are struggling. If her ambitions are stronger than their desire to help struggling ones, that success doesn't mean a thing to you.

Wonder Woman!


You melt when you see a sexy woman. A confident woman who knows herself and recognizes her strengths really gets to you. You also like her to understand you and respond to your desires. All of these qualities together, my friend, would make up the perfect woman for you.



You adore women who know what they want and chase it in every area of their lives. You think that she should also be the one directing the relationship as you admire her way of thinking. When this woman is willing to open her world up to you, you have the best relationship. However, you can't stand taboos or secrets.



You are attracted to women who know how to act right in every situation. She should do anything she can to make you happy and be spoiled just the right amount. Above all, you care that she is full of life and fun to be around. You also are willing to make sacrifices for this perfect woman. And finally, you do want her to be very very attractive.

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