Which Mythical Creature Are You?!


If our whole life was a big myth, which character would you represent? Take the test and find out!

Pick your favorite element or mix.


Pick a sky!

Which one are you craving now?

Describe yourself with one word!

Which house should be yours?

Which superpower would you rather have?

Extreme sight
Meddle with dreams
Fiery aura
Extreme strength
Seeing the future

Which aim serves you better?

Reserving the perfect sunbed
100+ likes on your new profile photo
Taking time off work for a couple of days
Your home team winning the league
Scoring 80 on your next exam
Reaching level 200 at Candy Crush
Perfect timing between your drink and food
Finding the shaded side on the bus
Winning a big bet

Lastly pick a legend...



You are a true legend when it comes to fear and aggression. If you want something, you'll get it, even if it means chaos! But this burst of anger comes out very rarely. You are often very calm and can sleep for years and years. You're keen on your comfort, but this does not mean you're lazy. You're creative, intellectual and as all creative people are, you have a temper. Mr. Firemouth...



You are an amazing being. You help people, you love them unconditionally and are filled with deep wisdom. But for some reason, you're lonely and you prefer loneliness. Loneliness has become your nickname, but still, you chase all those pink dreams. You will get there some day!



AMBITION is your magic word. You never give up, you never tire, you never fear. You get right back on track. People try to wear you down, but you jump right back from that pit. You don't like fighting, unless you or your loved ones are in danger. You literally know how to rise from your ashes.



This is how you roll. You have two personalities. One is dull and boring but the other one is jolly, creative and imaginative. You have dilemmas about almost everything. Your dull side drags you down, but your creative side pushes you further and further! If you ask us, always listen to that horse inside you!



Noble, righteous, beautiful...The whole world speaks highly of you, and you need no introduction. You care about all things beautiful and true. You make everything epic, even simple fights. Your footsteps are powerful enough to create earthquakes and tsunamis!



Nothing is perfect in our world, but since we're living in a fantasy, a unicorn is the symbol of perfection. You are a unicorn. Plain, white, clear, pristine...Even if you try hard, you can't see evil in people's hearts. You're an optimist and trust means everything to you. You'd rather die than be called dishonest.



You're an angel, a fairy...You seek goodness and help everyone around you. If a friend is in need, you're right there to support them. But what makes you so special is that you never expect anything in return...Just be careful, they will try to use you...If only they knew how furious you could get!



Wisdom and intelligence combined...You read as much as you can, so you know almost everything. Your sixth sense is strong and you can anticipate events. This is not some gimmick fortune telling. Yours is always based on facts...If only people would read 10% of what you've read...


You might be one of us. You're humble, you don't like showing off, you don't like your looks, but you are fully confident. You have a scary aura, yes, but once others get to know you, they realize you're actually pretty cool on the inside!

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