Which Horror Movie Character Are You?


We are introducing you to the monster inside of you!
Answer the questions and see which of these characters is most similar to you.

1. Which of these superpowers woud you prefer to have?

I want the money, not the superpower.
Talking to animals!
Superpowers are not fun. I would prefer to learn spell casting.
To be able to fly!
I would really like to read people's minds.

2. Which natural disaster would effect you the most?

Volcano Eruption
Thunder and Lightning
Meteor Showers

3. What would you do if you were a celebrity and was criticized by someone on social media?

I would give them a piece of my mind.
I would destroy them. I mean I would block them.
I would be happy that they care about me.
I would share some quotes on jealousy.
I wouldn’t say a word but I would get really upset.
No problem. That’s what being a celebrity is like.

4. You can have one extra organ, what would it be?

A horn. And please don't laugh...
Not an organ, but having fur would keep me warm.
To have an extra eye on the back of my head.
It would be great to have some extra arms and legs.
Wings would be perfect.
I think tails are really cool.

5. What do you think about Freddy Krueger?

Having a pair of gloves made of knives must be great.
He’s wasting all his time on pointless things.
I think his clothes are cool.
I think he is funny.
It is people who made him who he is.
Dealing with the same town over and over again is just boring.

6. Lastly, we'd like to learn your greatest nightmare.

Turning into a loser
Being looked down on
Not being loved!
Darkness and loneliness
Stuck in somewhere
Getting lost


We witness how a determined scientist turns into a fly in Brundlefly's story. He is so committed to his intellect and ideas that he forgets to be cautious when doing his job. Now, you have to take your lessons from this story. You may be very intelligent and talented, but if you keep being so careless and ambitious, you will turn to a fly, my dear. Look how hideous it is, good lord… Don’t betray your deep intellect and your amazing skills, cure your greed. You’ll be much more successful then.

Pale Man!

We wonder what kind of a lunatic is reading this result. Your imagination, your  artistic soul, and your on-the-edge-madness… There is a rebellious artist inside you. But if you mismanage your skills, you’ll turn into a monster like this. If you ask us, you should enroll in a drawing class or something right away. It also might be good for you to read books in your spare time. And probably you should avoid crowds, they are already looking at you as if you are from outer space. Two people are enough for you to be around, three at most… Actually, most people are jealous of you. Know the value of your imagination.


You spread terror all around you! We can never know what is behind your dreadfulness or what made your heart so cold and lonely… You must have been born as an Alien in the first place. You are invincible, thanks to your incredible skills! You truly love only your family and little children. All the rest is nothing but prey for you! You wouldn’t even hesitate to feed your children with their flesh and bones. Actually, you may not be that scary considering how good a parent you are… You have to look after your kids, after all. In short, the luckiest people on earth are the ones who have family ties with you.


Frankenstein has a good, soft and sensitive soul that no one knows about under his cold, rude and scary look. It was others who made him who he is. All the body parts he got from different people are like the reflections of his spiritual wealth. He makes mistakes, however he even gets rude to people very close to him, as he doesn’t know how to behave exactly. To sum up, you need to be careful how you behave around people, because you are truly a Frankenstein! Only the ones who look very carefully can see the precious soul of yours. For those who can only see the cover, you are just someone rude and soulless.


Awww, aren’t you sweet? You are the cutest monster on earth! However, you go nuts when you are spoiled. And you can be dangerous when you get together with your friends. You don’t take your lessons from what happened to you either, as you are so naive that you can easily forget all about them. You’re like a kitten monster. Whatever you do to them, people always forgive you. You’re also full of surprises. People around you must be really careful, living with you can be both very entertaining and scary at the same time.

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