Which City Were You Made For?


Straight to the airport!

Have you ever wondered which city would be perfect for you to live in? Where would you feel complete? Take this quiz to learn which city is your dream place.

What are you sick of the most?

I'm bored, there is nothing to do.
It's like a concrete jungle, I can't breathe.
Nobody understands me.
It is toooo hot.
I want a very long vacation.
People are mean.
Chaos wore me out.
The place I live is far away from everything.
I don't know.

If you were to choose one of these houses, where would you prefer to live?

If your best friend was a cartoon character, which one would it be?

Yogi Bear
Peter Pan
Sponge Bob
Papa Smurf
Homer Simpson

A little weird, but choose one of the Morgan Freeman characters listed below.

Now choose one of these top views.

Which season suits you the most?


If we knew you, we would say ..... about you.

What a cheerful person.
What a natural person.
What a philosophical person.
What a cold person.
What a warm hearted person.
What an elite.
What a neat person.
What a safe player.
What an easygoing person.
What a fun person.

If you are ready to go, last question: Which one of these is on your bucket list?

To go to a crazy festival.
To star in a Hollywood movie.
To race in Formula 1.
To write my will.
To get into politics.
To ask a monk about the meaning of life.
To get revenge on all my enemies.
It would be cool to get my own statue built.
To give my own concert.

You should move to Buenos Aires!


"Dance till the morning light!" This is the life for you! But days matter as much as the nights. You need love, passion and different colors added to your life. You love living life, so you need a city as alive as you. This is why you feel bored in your current city. You have a lot to offer and your city basically is not enough for you anymore. Buenos Aires is your city with its exciting nightlife, crowded streets and passionate tango!

You should move to Edinburgh!


You were always curious about history. Some people saw you as old fashioned because of your passion for history and historical places. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn about it. You are the kind of person who needs to see things to learn. Maybe you should travel the world to do it. The best place for you to live is Edinburgh, with it's streets filled with history!

You should move to Havana!

Your soul belongs to Havana, the capital of Cuba. You are against the capitalist world, and you know better than anyone that you are never what you wear, ride or use. You are a lot more than these. Your specialties are being the protector of justice, your idealism, and of course, your wildness! You would rather live broke, but free, than being a slave to the capitalism. Nice choice!

You should move to Helsinki!

Your soul belongs to Helsinki. You may seem "cold" to people at first sight. They are a little right, because you can never feel really close to a person you just met. You keep your distance for a while until you get used to that person, if you do. There is a wild person inside you. You are unpredictable with your craziness trapped inside. You are also very elegant, just like a Scandinavian.

You should move to Seoul!

Your soul belongs to Seoul, the capital of South Korea. You have something bothering you. Whenever you go out and look at people's faces, you feel overwhelmed. They all have this unnecessary seriousness and are always in a hurry, bumping into you on the streets, cutting in front of you, etc. What you need are friendly faces, respect and courtesy. That is why you are made for Seoul, the city of respectful and friendly people with smiling faces!

You should move to Cannes!


Your aristocratic personality may be too much for the city you are living in. Movie festivals, quality food, yachts... they wouldn't understand. You want everything to be high quality in your life because you live for yourself. You treat yourself right. You value your own pleasure. Don't stop, move to Cannes! It is the life you are looking for.

You should move to Vancouver!


You want a neat life. You have some life principles you don't want to break. You like the city life, but the chaos and crowd wear you out. You are practical. If you come across a problem, you try to figure it out instead of being sorry about it. You are a very clear person, it exhausts you not seeing the same thing from other people. You should move to Vancouver for the harmony you are seeking.

You should move to Brussels!


You are actually a small city person. You still don't want to be far away from the fun though. You want everything to be reachable. You can't live your life partying everyday, but that doesn't mean you should bore yourself to death sitting at home. This is why Brussels is your city! It is small, with a nightlife, and with so many different places surrounding it where you can take a trip to, and it is close to everywhere. You should think about it!

You should move to The Maldives!


You want to live your life in serenity. You want to lie down and sunbathe with your book in your hand. You wish that life was all about vacations. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to go home to sleep and you could just pass out on the hammock you are lying on? You need tranquility. Night life, festivals, parties are not for you. A sunbed, a mild breeze, what else can you ask for? You were made for The Maldives.

You should move to Las Vegas!


You were born for the fun of it! It is in your soul.. You can make friends easily with your cheerful personality, anywhere you go. You never run out of energy, you don't know how to stop. Even sleeping too much is a waste of time for you. The life is outside and there is so much to do! You are right, but you live in the wrong place. You need to move to Las Vegas!

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