What's The One Thing Your Partner Loves The Most About You?


You may have a lot of good qualities. You may even be the perfect lover, but one of your qualities probably outweighs all the others and makes you irreplaceable for your partner. Answer the questions and find out what that one characteristic is that your S.O. likes the most about you!

1. First of all, which gender are you interested in?

Does it matter?

2. What would you like to do in front of this fireplace?

To read a book
To drink wine
To make love
To chat
To sleep
To watch a movie

3. What do you expect from a vacation that you two go on alone?

To have fun
To rest
To discover

4. What’s your conversation topic generally, when you two are alone?

Our relationship
Movies, books, music...
Everything. Eeeveryhing...

5. What have you been insisting on the most to go with your partner to for the last year?

To a concert
To the movies
To a bar
To museums
To a picnic
To shopping

6. Your partner made a huge mistake (no worries, not cheating), but they realized what they did wrong and apologized. What would be your reaction?

An apology is just enough.
There are certain things I can never forgive.
I’d forgive, but let me first make a fuss.
I’d make their life miserable for a while.
I wouldn’t dwell on it too much.
We need to have a loooong talk about it.

7. Be honest: What comes to your mind first when your partner says “I’m alone at home, wanna come over?”

Having sex
Watching a movie together
A romantic dinner

8. How would you like your friends to see you?

As someone desired
As someone to be trusted
As someone needed
As someone loved

9. And lastly, how do you make them forgive you?

By buying flowers
By taking them out
By hugging
By buying gifts
By displaying affection
By talking

Your honesty!


Your partner loves your honesty among everything else. You’re aware that one of the most important things in life is being honest no matter what, so people around you, including the one you’re romantically involved with, is attracted to this quality of yours the most. You’ll earn many hearts thanks to your honesty!

Your loyalty!

Your partner loves your loyalty among everything else. You’re aware that the key to a good relationship is to be able to trust each other and be loyal no matter what. A loyal lover is almost everyone’s dream… So this quality of yours gives you an irreplaceable place in everyone’s heart!

Your sensitivity!


Your partner loves your sensitivity among everything else. You’re so softhearted and forgiving. You listen to your heart before your brain. Most of the time, you’re guided by your conscience rather than your interests, and this makes you very attractive! Being able to open about your feelings and live them freely is your best quality according to your partner!

Your sexiness!


Your partner is addicted to your sex appeal among everything else. You’re aware that the key to a good relationship is good sex, along with your emotions, and your partner just loves it! They love being desired and this affects your relationship in a very good way. As long as you keep your sexy self, you’ll earn many hearts!

Your intellect!

What your partner loves about you the most is your intellect! You spend your time reading books and following art events, which all make you super attractive. You spend quality time with each other and you don’t treat your partner as a sexual object. Brainy’s the new sexy anyway!

You’re fun to hang out with!


What your partner loves about you the most is you being extremely entertaining! If joy doesn’t exist in a relationship, it’s already over, and you’re aware of that. A couple who can’t have fun together can not be happy at all. You don’t even give them the chance to get bored with you, and that makes you an irreplaceable lover!

You’re a romantic!

What your partner loves about you the most is you being a romantic! Your little surprises, unexpected displays of affection and all that cuteness make you a perfect lover. You make your partner addicted to your sensuality. You’re aware that what’s most important in a romantic relationship is being romantic after all!

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