What Should Be Your Occupation Based On Your Food Preference?

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Your food preferences will give us hints about your personality. Then we will process that information and give our suggestion to you! Let’s start!

1. Let's start.

Wine= Red!
I can drink rosé all day.
I don't like wine.

2. Suppose you want fast food..

3. Yes!

4. Tasty!

5. I want them all!

6. Which one?

Buttermilk biscuit
Pumpkin bread
Corn Bread

7. Yummy!


You enjoy helping people around you. They also enjoy being with you when they’re going through hard times because your advice is always helpful. You’re the guardian angel of the group. You want everyone to be safe, happy and healthy. Maybe you’ll save the world one day. Who knows?


You spend most of your time inside your head, getting lost with thoughts. Not in a bad way, don’t get us wrong! You always have some plans about world and people around you, so why not writing all down?



No one is better at empathy than you! You read people’s ideas and feel their pain! These are incredible features that will be helpful for your acting career. Plus, people are aware of your charisma! You should at least


You have a strange connection with animals, a beautiful bound. You find it more fun to spend time with animals than humans. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get along with people, though, you just love being around animals! You’re someone who loves nature, embrace silence and who can explain himself/herself without using words. You’ll be such a great veterinarian!


Knowledge is your biggest passion. You love to learn new things, research, and read. Someone who loves to learn should love to teach also, right? You don’t need to be inside of a classroom, you can always find people to teach. You’ll be a great teacher with your discipline, joy, and patience!


Adding your passionate, ambitious, and determined personality to your knowledge, we know you can be a great lawyer. No one can beat you in an argument. You’re a master at reading and defending people. What else should we say?


You see the world with a more artsy, colorful way! You enjoy life and appreciate what it brings to you. You feel alive as long as you add something to your environment.


You’re a natural born leader and a good advisor. You’re the one everyone listened appreciated in school. It doesn’t mean that you’re arrogant; these are just the outcomes of the leadership features. You would be a perfect pilot with your cold-blooded and determined personality.

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